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Dark Souls

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  1. F

    Will these laptops be able to run next gen games/Which is the best one?

    I am looking to buy a new laptop but am not very knowledgeable with all the specs and stuff, these three laptops are the same price but im not sure which is the best one? https://www.jbhifi.com.au/computers-tablets/laptops/hp/hp-15-ac630tx-15-6-notebook/915156/...
  2. I

    Can i run Dark souls (I or II) on my laptop?

    These are my laptop's specs: -Intel core I3 cpu M330 @2.13 ghz -4gb RAM -ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5430 Tell me the settings, resolution and fps. (Minimum would be lowest, 720p 30fps) NO canyourunit. That page is a lie.
  3. zakattack117

    Dark souls fps enhance help?

    I'm playing Dark Souls on my PC and its a bit frame laggy at times. I know my PC can handle it because I have a Gtx 560 Ti. I go and check the options and its shows that the maximum FPS is 30. Is there a mod that can unlock the 30 FPS?