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  1. G

    Killer Deal: 128GB Samsung EVO microSD card for $19.99

    Save more than half off Samsung's EVO microSD cards. Killer Deal: 128GB Samsung EVO microSD card for $19.99 : Read more
  2. A

    How do I Transfer my Data from my dead laptops Internal HD to my new laptop?

    So my old laptop's charger stopped working and the battery still has a 50-60 percent charge but I doubt it'll be enough for me to cut/copy paste stuff onto my external drive (it's 1TB). I have around 500GB worth of data, if not more. I'm talking about transfer data like documents, images, videos...
  3. G

    IDrive Personal Cloud Backup Review: Best Overall

    IDrive is best for anyone who has multiple machines to back up. Just keep an eye on the 2TB or 5TB storage limit. IDrive Personal Cloud Backup Review: Best Overall : Read more
  4. G

    Acronis True Image 2018 Cloud Backup Review: Best for Power Users

    Acronis True Image is expensive and complicated, but it offers a wide range of options and features for hard-core PC users. Acronis True Image 2018 Cloud Backup Review: Best for Power Users : Read more
  5. R

    Solved! Part No for L745-s4210 Optical Drive

    How can I find the part number for the optical drive for my Toshiba L745-s4210 Part No PSK0YU-01V00E Serial No 7B233745W ?
  6. M

    Help me please

    Lg aristo 2 network locked please help
  7. A

    My camera SD card would reset, after transfering files from it, and disconnecting it from my computer

    Hello: I've a Canon SX150IS camera and a USB card reader, which I using it to transfer the pictures and video, from the SD card of my camera, to my computer. Recently, I've experienced 3-4 times cases that after I disconnecting my card reader with the SD card from my computer, and inserting the...
  8. C

    Just updated my software on galaxy s5 and now saying sd card "not enough space"

    Updated the software on 8th august 2016 on my samsung galaxy s5. Only had ph. For a month. Since update it keeps saying "not enough storage space" when I try to move files to the sd card. I have tried different cards incase it was the sd card and done all the relevant things like formatting etc...
  9. Hugzie

    Suggestions for my next phone

    I am on AT&T and my contract is coming up soon. I would like some suggestions for a good phone. I would like: A good camera Good, reliable, Battery Decent storage 32 GB plus The comparisons I will be making are against my current phone which is an iPhone 5. Thanks!!
  10. C

    Is it possible to use a USB flash drive both as ram and to boot OS when necessary and data ?

    I have a Lexar S35 64 GB that readyboost doesn't comply with but I've recently found there are other versatile softwares such as eboostr, primocache, primo ramdisk, though I don't know much about them. Can I partition it and leave some space (let's say 4 or 8 GB) to use as ram on one side...
  11. T

    LG500 cell At&t -transfer texts to PC needed urgent

    Screen is still visible. Phone works, storage is intact but the pressure sensitive screen buttons are failing. I emailed text messages to my email but only a few lines of each text message transferred to the email. I thought it worked but lost half of messages! How can I retrieve important...
  12. M

    hl data storage dvd ram rewriter driver where can i download it

    icant find an hl data storage driver download site
  13. G

    Win7 on MiniSSD

    Hello, I am buying Dell Precision laptop and want to run the OS on a Mini SSD but retain a HDD on the same laptop for data storage. Will this work?
  14. exfileme

    Security Firm Questions Google Wallet Data Storage

    Google Wallet stores a lot of unencrypted data that could be used in a social engineering attack against the device owner. Security Firm Questions Google Wallet Data Storage : Read more
  15. G

    Caltech Makes Quantum Drives a Possibility

    Data storage gets miniaturized even further; now we're getting down to the subatomic level. Caltech Makes Quantum Drives a Possibility : Read more
  16. D

    Use digital camera as data storage device

    This is a problem that seems to be popping up more and more these days. After extensive internet searching, I have not even found mention of a solution. Why can't I use a digital camera to store files other than pictures. It works on some older cameras but newer ones seem to block most file...