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    Question Dell Inspiron 3580. No power, no lights. How do I test the DC jack?

    Hi guys, my Dell Inspiron 3580 recently decided it wasn't going to turn on anymore. When plugged in there are no lights and nothing happens when I press the power button. The AC adaptor seems to be working as the light comes on and it charged my sister's laptop. I have disassembled the laptop...
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    My Laptop Won't Charge / DC Jack Problem? Please Help.

    So it's like this, My Asus laptop won't charge. Is it the battery, motherboard (maybe)? No, why? Well when i last tried to charge it, it still had some "juice" in it and worked fine, but it wouldnt charge. I suspect either the adapter or the DC jack, but i think it's DC Jack, when i plug in the...
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    Dell Inspiron not charging battery

    Hello! I have recently changed the DC power jack on my Dell Inspiron N7110 laptop. After replacing it this messages came up: "The AC adapter wattage and type cannot be determined. The battery may not charge. The system will adjust the performance to match the power available. Please connect a...
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    Acer Laptop Intermittant Recharger Connection

    I have to wiggle the charger connector in the laptop charge port to make a connection. This problem is slowly getting worse. Can this be repaired/adjusted or does the connector have to be replaced? Hal
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    4pin DC power jack on viao diagram and electronics learning.

    I just got my first voltmeter and i have a laptop i would like to learn how to use my voltmeter and fix something with it. I have an old sony vaio sve15115fxe motherboard: if you look at the bottom in the middle is a white 4 pin( 2 red on bottom from that orientation then 2 black) DC jack...