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    why does my rca tablet stay on the logo sign

    I barely got my Rca tablet on Dec the 25 and it stop work on Jan the 20 i never got water in it i never dropping but out of no where it wants to stop working.
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    Retrieve calls made in Dec 2018

    Calls recieved and made in Dec 2018
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    lost my samsung j8 please find the mobilemobile

    i lost my mobile on 11 dec samsung j8 imei no-<<removed>> imei 2-<<removed>> please find my mobile please
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    Call history of 26th Dec 2017

    Call history of 26th Dec 2017
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    DEC Surround Sound Manual

    Just wondering if anyone would know where I might find a user manual for a DEC HCS-2018S 5.1 Home Cinema Speaker System? Trying to figure out how to hook it up to my TV (TCL 78cm with HDMI iand analogue inputs and analogue and SPDIF outputs) and there are a few connections that I don't understand.
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    ASUS X455L Won’t Turn On

    Issue started on Dec 13, screen was flickering as soon as I turned on the laptop and then would turn completely black. The power indicator light was on and when I plug the charger in, the battery charging light would turn on as well but screen is blank/black. I tried to reset several times and...
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    Virus Win10 Reinstall?

    I have a virus (very high uploads started in Dec 1). I've run Windows Defender and Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. Neither detected the problem. What should I do next - a reinstall?
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    router dosatak detection

    Hi, I reset my router and had a few problems and then the log said dos attack. Should I be worried????? i posted the router log below..... [Admin login] from source, Saturday, Dec 03,2016 04:37:48 [DoS attack: ACK Scan] attack packets in last 20 sec from ip []...
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    How do you find your phone number with serial number

    My phone is deactivated and it wont turn on, i can only get it fixed if i know the number and zip, but i only have th FCC ID , S/N, ME ID DEC. Is there any way to get it
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    Internet not connecting

    I have a new Sharp LCD 55" Aquos, bought in Dec. Had some problems in March this year, warranty covered the issues. Issues being, TV will shut off & restart, TV will then shutoff, & not turn on at all, lastly,TV will not turn off. TV lasted 2 months, issues have returned. So, I requested a...
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    Help to get replacement remote for DEC 5.1 system

    I just got a DEC HCS-2018S 5.1 home cinema speaker system but I need to buy a remote for it and I cant find any info on DEC, this system is just a bass unit with five small speakers I dont need it to be an original remote just a remote that works. Ive tried ebay and google but DEC must be an out...
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    edit: nvm this

    edit: nvm this
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    Need SERIOUS Help Please

    So, I decided to reset my Acer Windows 8 Laptop since my Windows Explorer file is damaged so I thought if I reset it, it would fix everything, so I pressed Reset and pressed Fully Clean Drive and my laptop was connected to an HDMI to the TV (since my laptop screen broke but still works if I...