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  1. P

    shift key macbook pro

    In Excel the shift key does not highlight an area of cells anymore, can anyone help Also the dot between numbers and decimal places has changed to a comma how do I change it back to a dot.
  2. T

    A short discussion on exploring number systems using a claculator

    converting binary numbers to decimal numbers by calculator and by hands? what is the difference between them
  3. J

    How to unlock decimal point on asus notebook pc

    $ @.:/ don't work on my asus notebook pc
  4. E

    C# 1-1= 8.88178419700125E-16? (new to coding, help needed)

    I would first like to state that I'm new to coding, so there's probably a better way to do this.So I'm working on a quick program to count the number of digits after the decimal in a number. The lines of code that is causing issues are: this code repeats until it's left with 0 when run with...
  5. F

    set up an If Then function

    Can someone help me set this up: I want to divide a decimal by 2, then put results in each of two columns with three decimal places each. I cannot get the results to correctly accomodate three decimal places. For example: divide 10.325 in half and put 10.163 in one column and 10.162 in the...
  6. T

    Numbers to letters

    Hello, when ms excel is launched on my computer and if i want to insert a decimal number, it put the letter P instad of a dot(point) example if i enter 2.25 in the cell it will become 2P25. even the calculator on the computer does the same thing can someone help me fix these. thanks
  7. torres

    Java Display Help

    Hi i want to display a set of data and such as doubles but the zero`s after the decimal is messing everything up.How can i display this using system.out.println or printf without rounding of the doubles. . I am using System.out.printf. Heres the code void SchoolArrays(){ String...