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  1. M

    update widevine content decryption module

    this thing is no updating
  2. T

    Solved! Encrypting and decrypting videos

    So on my phone I encrypt files every now and then so other people who are occasionally get on my phone don't see it accidentally but I was wondering if using the famous app ES File Explorer build in encrypting feature on videos lower the quality at all. Also does continuous encrypting of the...
  3. Avast-Team

    Avast releases decryptors for XData and AES_NI ransomware

    The Avast Threat Labs have recently released two decryptors, for AES_NI ransomware, and also XData (which is very similar to AES_NI and has spread similarly to WannaCry, although much less vicious) We hope these will help any users affected and we're continuing to keep our master list of...
  4. K

    file lost in folder lock?

    actually i installed anvi folder lock in my computer and i locked some files in E drive but unfortunately my os got corrupted and i was in a situation to change the operating system so, i wiped all the data in c drive to change the os .after changing the os i cant able to see the locked files in...
  5. gumbob3

    How does Asymmetrical Encryption Work??

    It doesn't make sense as to how one key can encrypt, and another will decrypt. Won't the decryption key always be the opposite of the encryption key?
  6. B

    Widevine Content Decryption Module not updating

    I've recently re downloaded google chrome and the Widevine Content Decryption Module will not update and as a result Netflix will not work. I've gone to chrome://components/ where I tried to click the "Check for update" button, it loaded for a bit and then says "Status - Component not updated."...
  7. I

    Decryption of The Crypto Locky Virus Files

    In addition to my first post i would like to ask if anyone has succeeded to decrypt the encrypted files of the Locky or Crypto virusses as this will make recovery easier Thank You! I tried some programs including some Forensic Programs Talos Decryptor it seems like this virus encrypts the files...
  8. P

    cryptolocker? .RAD files

    Hi, all my jpg mp3 pdf doc etc. files have an .RAD extension (file_name.pdf.RAD). I formated my pc but nothing changed. I forgot to try out the system recovery. How can i decrypt the files?
  9. F

    Decrypt encrypted USB through Ubuntu

    I encrypted my windows 7 partition using a usb as key and then also encrypted the usb and the recovery key for windows 7 is in the usb itself. I only have the encryption password I entered while encrypting usb and windows 7. I have Ubuntu installed on a separate partition. What can I do? If I...
  10. voyager1

    How to monitor decryption of Bitlocker drive?

    My Win7 installation has been doing a lot of strange things lately. Its been a long time since the last time I rebuilt it. I am thinking that it's about time to do so again. Plus, I will be making some major hardware changes also. In preparation, I started the decryption of my one Bitlocker...
  11. V

    Can't decrypt External Hardisk in truecypt!!!

    i got a 2 tb external hd ... i encrypted it.. and it took 28 hours... working great!!... i can use all of that data by mounting it.. but when i click on permanently decrypt system drive/partition.. it says there is no partition to decrypt!!!..
  12. A

    Problem to switch on my nokia e63 caused by interrupted decryption

    my phone failed to switch on and to show menu. How softly I can reset/factory setting without deleting data/memory within the phone. It was caused by interrupted decryption/encryption. When you switch on, start by showing the word " NOKIA" but it does not proceed to switch on. And you can not...
  13. nonxcarbonx

    Brute Force Decryption

    If you use a 128 bit, 256 bit, ect... encryption but only have a password that is, say, 20 characters long, doesn't that mean that in order to decrypt a system, an attack should be launched at a password? If this is the case, why does bit length matter?
  14. exfileme

    Porn Virus Holds Browser History at Ransom

    This virus encrypts your files and demands a fee for the decryption key. Porn Virus Holds Browser History at Ransom : Read more