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    Question Best Possible Laptop Under $600-$700

    I didn't really want to ask this (I know how annoying posts like these are) but I've been doing a lot of searching and so far have come up empty. So, here goes. I'm on a tight budget, but I am in need of a new laptop/desktop replacement for work and CAD (and maybe light gaming), that will last...
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    Question Slightly less casual gaming + battery

    This seems like the right kind of place for a good dose of common sense, so here goes. I use a UX430 Zenbook for school and work, and long battery is important to me. Recently, I got into less casual gaming (I don't do 3D, shooters or that sort of thing. We are talking emulators for up to PS2 or...
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    Lenovo Z51-70 not recognising dedicated AMD graphics card

    My laptop has an M375 4GB Graphics card, using AMD system monitor the GPU is constantly at 0%. Processor is an i7 5500U and I have 16GB of ram. Things I have tried: ■ Calling/emailing AMD, Lenovo, and Microsoft, none of them could help. ■ Installing uninstalling drivers etc. ■ Going into AMD...