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    turn server html5 live stream

    hello, we have a live cams streaming website installed on dedicated server and turn server for broadcasting ..but we have a problem..user can go online and start live broadcast but then when other users try to see the live feed ,they get a blank screen . The user broadcasting can see that the...
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    Audio Streaming Software

    I have a dedicated server that I can run several virtual machines on. I was thinking about creating a server that streams my families favorite music since we have a decent collection. I'm new to this aspect since I usually just listen to Pandora. Since the price went up, we decided to just...
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    Looking for a backup application for multiple pcs

    We have over 10 virtual machines that has data on them that we would like to back up to a dedicated server. All of these are on the internet and have high speed connections so speed isn't an issue. I'd like to back up the data to the 'backup server' from these other machines. I already backup...
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    Setting up an embedded audio system in a new house.

    Hi, Im building a new house soon and I want to include a centralized audio system that allows me to control everything from a dedicated server. I do a fair bit with computers though haven't gotten into digital audio much yet and am not really sure what each bit of equipment does and an...