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  1. ReZa546

    Buying a Cooling Pad For MSI GE62 6QF

    Hi guys. i'm gonna Buy a cooling for my laptop and i have limited options cause all of the models and brands arent available in my country. these are my options : 01) DeepCool N8 Ultra Black 02) DeepCool N9 03) DeepCool U-HUB 04) DeeppCool MultiCore X8 05) DeeppCool M6 06) DeeppCool M5 07)...
  2. MamuMogambo

    Buying Products for Cleaning Notebook

    Hey guys, My Dell Inspiron 15R 5520 has been overheating lately and I am planning to clean the insides. I want it to be as perfect as possible. So, within a budget I'll be using the following products. Are they good: Thermal Paste: I couldn't find Arctic Silver. The only option in my country...
  3. C

    Dell N5010 shuts down itself? No overheating ?

    Hey guys, Recently i've purchased Deepcool Z5 to replace the exiting paste so that it can cool down my system. Before replacing the thermal paste my CPU consistently overheats when loading some flash media or watching youtube videos ( I don't play games on lappy ). I've enabled...
  4. W

    how is this laptop cooling pad?

    is the deepcool multi core x6 a good cooling pad for a 15.6 inch laptop, even though the laptop has intake vent on only one side? Also, will its metal mesh design help dissipate heat better than standard cooling pads?