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  1. M

    Defrag RCA Viking Pro10

    My tablet keeps bringing up video ads in the middle of other Apps.
  2. phantom1421

    Solved! does Auslogics utilize Microsoft’s API?

    Hi there, so I understand that disk defrags use their own algorithm but I’m curious if they use Microsoft’s API similar to o&o disk defrag. Anyone have an idea?
  3. N

    Weird drive showing up in defragmentation menu

    Hi all! So, I was going to defrag my Harddrive when i noticed a weird 3rd drive. I'm guessing it's my DVD drive(?) but I have no idea if it's anything remotely dangerous so that's why I'm asking you guys, does anyone know what it is? Link to a picture of the drive's name...
  4. SavvasPr

    100% Disk Usage at startup everytime..

    When ever I start my laptop I have 100% disk usage and I tried everything I disabled a lot of services I did regidit and defrag settings and some others but it stills doing it and its mostly of system and that stuff that thing takes 5 mins or less and then it stays at low % anyone can help? (I...
  5. J

    Please someone tell me about Iobit Quality... :3

    if i have all this Iobit Products 1.Advanced SystemCare 2.Iobit Uninstaller 3.Driver Booster 2 (quick question this has the same function as other driver updater right?) 4.Smart Defrag 5.Iobit Malware Fighter (all are in pro version) Do i need other programs like ccleaner slim or advanced...
  6. A

    Best Maintenance Apps?

    Hello. I'd like to know some of the best maintenance applications for my computer , such as defrag tools,etc. Thanks.
  7. viveknayyar007

    Defrag Your Windows 8 Laptop

    When you start experiencing reduced performance and decreased efficiency while using your Windows 8 laptop, consider it the right time to defragment the hard disk drive, especially the system drive. Since the files are fragmented before they are saved in the hard disk, due to regular storing...
  8. J

    Auslogics software help

    So I used the Auslogic defrag program and it said that my computer has a total of 2,169 problems under the "System Health" tab, when I clicked "Learn more" ( It...
  9. Rangan Das

    Enhance Performace of a Windows 8.1 based PC.

    My system configuration is as follows: MB: Gigabyte 970A-DS3 CPU: AMD FX-8320 with stock cooler GPU: AMD Radeon HD7850 2GB DDR5 RAM: 8GB DDR3 HDD1: Seagate Barracuda 250GB 7200RPM (single partition with Windows 8 installed) HDD2: WD Green 2TB I need my PC for heavy designing using Adobe...
  10. B

    how can i schedule defrag to run weekly in client computers when they shutdown

    hi.. i have approx 100 PC'c to run. i have server 2003. i want run defrag in all 100 PC when they shutdown. but this has to run only once a week. also i have another option. defrag run when click shutdown and it analyse the c drive and decide whether to defrag or not. if it want to defrag it...
  11. V

    Defrag My Pc

    Hi. I want to defrag my Pc and i need some tips. Wich software do you recommend me to use and how often should i defrag my pc.
  12. John Bauer

    Defragmenting PQservice partition?

    I'm about to defrag my hard drive on the netbook, and I noticed that disk defragmenter says that it's 49% fragmented... Is this a problem? What would happen is a tried to defrag it? For a reminder, this is not the main partition, but the recovery partition.
  13. R

    Auslogics reducing free space

    I ran a defrag last night and my free space was reduced from 104 GB to 96,6 GB.Does it keep temp files or sth and how do I delete them?Any help appreciated!
  14. T

    Pre-boot Optimize for System Files

    After analyzing my drive for another defrag, I notices many new system files that are scattered about the drive like freckles. Well, with my system slowing down more and more, I want to optimize all of me windows files into the same part of the drive (I didn't partition it , silly me). Anyone...
  15. D

    Laptop failing to boot after defrag

    Hello everyone, i'm having a big problem. Yesterday I put my ASUS K56CM laptop running Windows 7 to defrag my C disk over the night. In the middle of the night, I woke up and my laptop was making weird ticking noise, at about 2-3 second intervals. I also noticed that my HDD stops spinning for...
  16. M

    AVG has made my computer stop working

    I Installed a paid for version of AVG and performed a "deep clean" defrag. Since then my pc will boot up to the Welcome screen but whether in safe mode or not will not progress to open windows. The pc is therefore completely unusable now....
  17. bambiboom

    Extreme Defrag Paranoia! > Best Defragmentation Utility ?

    RE: Extreme Defrag Paranoia! > Best Defragmentation Utility ? Gentlemen?, A couple of years ago, I organized the (WD 500GB) HD of my second computer** > into three partitions > 1. OS and applications = 120GB 2. Data= 260GB 3. System Image =120 GB **[Dell Optiplex 740 [AMD Athlon II X64 DC...
  18. cchartsell

    Advance System Care Question

    Good day all, I just downloaded Advance System Care and was scrolling through the settings. Under 'Disk Defragment' there is a check box for "Skip huge files (Over 1GB)" and another one for "Don't defrag Solid State Disk". My questions are, why would I not want to defrag my SSD? And why would I...
  19. joe2cool

    Smart Defrag?

    Smart Defrag? Hi downloaded latest version of 'Smart Defrag' 2.4. Now on first start up a box pops up (Smartdefrag.ex.-no disk) saying ' there is no disk in drive'?, on either pressing cancel or try again a few times, the actual program opens up & works fine. Just wondered if anyone else...
  20. B


    Should you defrag ssd's ? If so is there software that is works well?
  21. A

    Looking for a defrag application

    the one in windows xp is asking me to have 200gb of free space, and that is just not going to happen, its lucky i have over 20. i mean when windows xp was first made, i could see how it would need 10-15% of it hdd free, it was only build with a 120~ max in mind right? i could see a 15%...
  22. J

    Solved! Freeing up disk space

    Help, I can't free enough disk space to defrag my Inspiron 910 notebook. How?
  23. C

    Guy's what do think about Smart Defrag 2 & Puran Defrag Free Edition?

    Some friends told me to try this free software, and I wanted to know your opinion about it?
  24. benson733

    Best defrag software?

    Not sure if anything better is out there but I have been using CCleaners cousin Defraggler to do system de-fragmentations on my WD 1tb Black hard drive. Is their anything better?
  25. Y

    Question about Diskeeper 2010 Auto Defrag

    Hello,I was just curious If it's possible for the auto defrag to cause certain games to freeze.Couldn't find much info and was looking for some advice or opinions.
  26. brandoncatz

    Best Defrag?

    Just curious what the best defrag software is that everyone is using? Before the last rebuild of my system I was running Diskeeper '10 and MyDefrag before that. Any thoughts on those, or a better one out there? Best config? System has 3 drives, 2 Samsung 1TB in Raid0 and 1 WD 1TB drive. The...
  27. Az17

    2TB Defrag Issues

    I recently decided to replace the bulk of the HDDs in my desktop with an Hitachi 7200 2TB. I have installed my OS and applications onto my Vertex 2 120 and then installed all my documents, pictures, movies and all of my Steam games (40ish) onto the 2TB. Everything seemed to be fine until I tried...
  28. G

    Top ten defragment software

    hi can any one suggest a excellent defrag tool there is so many out there its hard to choose i have tried so many but i am after one of the best at the moment
  29. Dark Lord of Tech

    Best free defrag program?

    what is the best free defrag program? thanks !
  30. G

    Defrag detecting 300gb hard drive

    even after defrag of hard drive, drive c and drive d, when i reboot and look at what i would think should be updated free space, it is not showing me that when i gain access to that area... why? shouldn't i have seen an increase in my free space after defragging those areas???
  31. P

    Rollback RX and computer defrag

    Hi all, I'm currently building a new rig with Windows 7. I've always used Rollback RX as my go back tool on my old rig. However I just read that if I use rollback RX, it may make defragging my computer regularly more difficult. Can anyone advice me on this? Thanks!
  32. B

    Defrag software

    Does anyone have any recommendations for defragmenting software? I've been using auslogics disk defrag and it seems to get that job done. But maybe theres something better out there
  33. D

    Concerns about Diskeeper 2008 Automatic Defrag

    Diskeeper 2008 defrags in the background at all times by default, and I was wondering if this is safe? This does not seem too safe to me because wouldn't a sudden crash or power outage cause file corruption? There is no way they can program the software to get around that right?
  34. hexploit

    Can't defrag without a crash

    A few months back my rig started crashing whenever I tried to defrag. I was using diskeeper at the time. I uninstalled and tried a defrag with the windows utility and then with IObit smartdefrag trying automatic, manual and boot time defragmentation methods all yielding the same results in a...
  35. G


    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Is it possible to defragment SD card? Is it necessary? Many thanks.
  36. T

    PerfectDisk 6.0

    I partitioned my 80GB Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 into two partition C: and D: then I install PerfectDisk 6.0 to defrag them, but it only defrag my C: when I defrag my D: the software will lock up and hog a 100% CPU usage, anyone know why? Oh, I set the pagefile on D: at 768-1024MB I have 512MB...