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  1. J

    Can't figure out how to turn off the touchpad delay on my Asus laptop

    I've followed a billion tutorials at this point, but none of them have worked so far. Windows 10 doesn't show any delay settings in the touchpad category, my laptop doesn't seem to have any special software for it, editing the registry didn't work, etc. Not sure what else there is. Help would...
  2. G

    Delay before audio and video play.

    I'm using Windows 8.1. The videos and audio playback in my laptop doesn't play immediately, either online or offline. For example when I play a video, it will not play immediately and after about 3-5 seconds it will. Same with audio, that's why even just changing the volume in windows (which...
  3. xtobymc

    Any way to fix Bluetooth audio wireless delay for Windows 10?

    I got a new pair of wireless earbuds for Christmas today, not cheap ones either, and I had hoped to use them for many different purposes whether it's my desktop PC or my phone when I'm in the gym. Unfortunately I have discovered that Bluetooth has a rather noticeable audio delay, to the point...
  4. I

    delay before log in screen

    first time posting here when i restart my laptop windows logo and the 6 marbles loading screen appears quickly,after that a black screen comes and it lasts there for about 5-6 minutes without any cursor after that the log in screen comes and then everything works fine same delay goes when i...
  5. Z

    Audio Video Sync Problem-ish?

    Hello my name is Jonas and I've had a audio/video sync problem ever since I bought my pc (about a year ago) and I've tried so extremly many things from 1000 different suggestions. Its a small delay, about 100ms wich isnt visable if you do regaular things on the computer, but I play rythm games...
  6. D

    Soundbar to PC sound delay

    Hello I have my soundbar connected to my PC the audio is very good, but it is also delayed! When I turn on the soundbar it is fine, but after 10 minutes or so it gets worse, and after an hour it is really slow. This is a problem when playing games, because the sound comes after the action on...