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  1. lin1614

    Question is it dc jack , battery or charger

    I have a dell 15 7759 and it recently stopped charging. When i plug in the charger it charges for a little then it stops and keeps flicking on and off. I tried the charger with another computer and it works fine. I also replaced the battery with a new one and same thing. Then finally i replaced...
  2. danielxfx

    Solved! My laptop keyboard is typing square brackets when I press R T I simultaneously

    I have a Dell Inspiron 13 with default settings, original hardware and windows and no virus. For the keyboard settings I use English (Australia) and Portuguese (Brazil ABNT). With Australia Settings I get open brackets [ and with Portuguese I get closing brackets ] when the 3 letters are pressed...
  3. M

    Strange battery/power adapter quirk. Do I have a defective notebook?

    Just got a new Dell 2-n-1 7000 series notebook. It's been fine, but today I let the battery completely drain. It was warning me that I had 7% left. I kept working and forgot to plug in the power and it eventually shut-off. Now in all my experience with previous laptops and macbooks, I can simply...