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  1. Y

    Question My Dell laptop is stuck in a boot loop.

    Hi, So recently i did a factory reset on my dell laptop, (I do not use a battery for this laptop, to run it has to be connected to the charger at all times.) Yesterday it was working fine, However everytime i opened it it showed me (Choose a boot system: Windows 10 (volume 2) , Windows 10...
  2. abramzayed123

    Solved! Dell Inspiron 15 GTX Value

    Hey. I have found a Dell Inspiron 15 from a 3rd party website that has a AMD 2GB 520 Graphics and Runs on Windows 10. (Unfortunately Im Unable To Contact Them) 1-How to know the GTX range for the Laptop? 2-Will I be able to play high end games without any lag? 3-Does it have a Backlit...
  3. S

    Toshiba External Hard Drive not Detected

    I just updated my Dell latitude 3340 to windows 10. my external hard drive is not detected but I know it's running because it vibrates and the light is on. I tried to plug my hard drive on a different computer and it can be detected. it's usb port is 3.0. and a code error 10 shows up. i tried...
  4. V

    Laptop Wont Connect to WiFi????!?!?!?!?!?!

    Well I let my brother play around on my laptop and he download a huge amount of things emulators, YouTube recording software, etc. And while downloading these he didn't check to see if the download were asking to download unwanted things such as toolbars and other programs onto my laptop, So...
  5. C

    How do I connect a projector through HDMI and over ride the default to play the audio portion through a stereo receiver?

    I am getting audio and video through the projector. I have an Epson Home Cinema 3020 being supplied video through my Dell Laptop. I would like to connect to my Sony stereo receiver, but the default is putting audio to the projector. I do not see output from the projector, so my sense is that...
  6. J

    Weird spaces/backspaces for no reason

    I bought a Dell Latitude E4300 a couple of years ago, refurbished, and I've had intermittent typing problems with it. The most common is that when I'm typing, for no reason whatsoever, the keyboard will act as if I've backspaced or tabbed and it will skip to a totally different part of the text...