Laptop Wont Connect to WiFi????!?!?!?!?!?!


May 6, 2015
Well I let my brother play around on my laptop and he download a huge amount of things emulators, YouTube recording software, etc. And while downloading these he didn't check to see if the download were asking to download unwanted things such as toolbars and other programs onto my laptop, So trying to fix it so he wouldn't get in trouble he went onto our normal PC and tried to look up how to fix it and ended up uninstalling my laptops device driver so not only do I have no clue on how to get that back and need help on how to get it back? I took my laptop back and cleaned it uninstalled all of these unwanted things so all I have left is family pictures folder, recycle bin, JetClean, and Jetboost left on my computer. He even uninstalled my Google Chrome so I went onto the normal Internet Explorer and no matter what I do can't get my laptop to connect to the WiFi in my house I have tried everything and have no idea what to do. *FYI* I have some Dell laptop that my dad gave me for school it is cruddy but it works that is basically all I no about it.


Check in device manager and see if wireless is listed under Network adapters and if so if it's working - if it doesn't show go to the manufactures website and down load the drivers for it.....might actually check and see if you can do a restore to a point before your brother messed things up