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  1. C

    Solved! Asus laptop boots up but the screen remains completely black, and a monitor doesn’t detect it. any idea on what the problem might be?

    One day my laptop’s screen just wouldn’t turn on. So far I’ve tried: Turning it on and off, doing a hard reset, shining a light on/around the screen(there was nothing, it’s just purely black) and plugging it into a monitor. (which had been tested with a pc, neither it nor the cables are faulty)...
  2. Sparklessdreams

    Question Is this laptop good enough to run Planet zoo?

    Is this good enough to run planet zoo, overwatch and warzone? Intel® Core™ i5-9300H Processor RAM: 8 GB / Storage: 256 GB SSD Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4 GB 133 FPS when playing Fortnite at 1080p...
  3. DanaMooreUzimaki

    Question Right/Left Click Damaged TouchPad

    I spilled juice on my laptop and everything works fine except for my toucchpad. I can control it but i cant right click or left click. I sucked out all the liquid and disabled it and unplugged my laptop. Should i get it checked out or will it eventually start working again?
  4. chaplark

    Solved! External Keyboard not working properly while gaming on laptop

    The external keyboard that I've been using is Coolermaster Masterkeys Pro L on a Dell Inspiron. And while gaming or typing in general, when I hold a specific key, the pc lags. While playing pubg too, i can't run continuously by holding 'W' key for example. The keys function properly only when I...
  5. HighLeaderTaurus

    Question Power Button Broken!

    So some context; I have a Gateway Laptop (NE56R31u). A few years ago it had fallen off of my bed and the top left corner of the keyboard part got damaged. The two bottom pieces separated and the power button frequently has issues powering on the laptop. I didn’t know what to do about it, it...
  6. I

    Low FPS on my laptop?

    I have an ASUS notebook, you can find all the specs here http://, I recently reinstalled windows and I cannot seem to get above 10 fps I've set the 840m as the main card to go from and also set it as the only one with no progress I've downloaded every update I could find through windows update...
  7. M

    Need Help Finding A Great Laptop [$900 Budget]

    Hi, I'm looking for a laptop under $900 that I can use for 4 - 5 years. Great features to have are: An SSD (250GB would be perfect) A fast CPU A fast GPU 15 - 18-inch screen, but not super heavy Screen Resolution of 1920 x 1080 or above I did some research and found this laptop from MSI...
  8. KarlKarrlander

    Why is Skyrim and programs running slowly on my laptop?

    So I just bought a Lenovo Y50-70 laptop a few days ago and I installed a few programs and applications like Steam, Chrome, LibreOffice and AVG Free. Everything seems to be okay but I find that my chrome browser and playing Skyrim is lagging and running slowly. Here are the specs real quick...
  9. KarlKarrlander

    Did I make the right choice choosing Lenovo Y50 over Asus G551JM?

    Hi everyone, So, I just chose a Lenovo Y50-70 UHD 15.6 for $1099 over an Asus G551JM FHD 15.6 for $1000. Here's the specs of the two: Lenovo: i7-4710hq 2.5 Ghz Geforce gtx 860m 4 GB 16 GB RAM 512 SSD Asus: i7-4710hq 2.5 Ghz Geforce gtx 860m 2 GB 8 GB RAM 1 TB HDD+24 SSD Cache I tried both...
  10. KarlKarrlander

    Is this Lenovo Y50 a good laptop for $1090?

    Hi everyone, I'm just trying to gather up some opinions and thoughts here, I'm having trouble deciding which laptop I should buy. My question is: Is this Lenovo Y50 a good laptop for $1090? Specs: processor: i7-4710hq gpu: geforce gtx 860m 4 gb ram: 16 gb storage: 512 ssd weight: 2.4 kg On...
  11. V

    Laptop Wont Connect to WiFi????!?!?!?!?!?!

    Well I let my brother play around on my laptop and he download a huge amount of things emulators, YouTube recording software, etc. And while downloading these he didn't check to see if the download were asking to download unwanted things such as toolbars and other programs onto my laptop, So...
  12. xomanowar82

    Im looking for a new laptop

    My laptop broke i am looking for a replacement for it model number g61-632nr ty in advance
  13. S

    New laptop fan always on

    My laptop fan is always on (80%) The laptop fan doesnt want to turn off even if there is nothing running. The fan is really loud on boot and turns off 30mins after startup. The laptop is 4 weeks old. The laptop model: msi ge70 onc I did a scan with avast,malware bytes,hitman pro,tdsskiller they...