Why is Skyrim and programs running slowly on my laptop?

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May 7, 2015
So I just bought a Lenovo Y50-70 laptop a few days ago and I installed a few programs and applications like Steam, Chrome, LibreOffice and AVG Free. Everything seems to be okay but I find that my chrome browser and playing Skyrim is lagging and running slowly.

Here are the specs real quick:
i7-4710hq 2.5 ghz
geforce gtx 860m
16 gb ram
512 ssd

According to these specs I should be running Skyrim on High settings with no issues at all. And it does run fine but lags from time to time. And since it has an SSD, the loading times should be faster than a traditional HDD computer running Skyrim, right? Apparantly not.

My custom built PC has a traditional 7,200 rpm HDD with Skyrim installed on it with the same Steam account and the loading times are twice as fast. I've checked the drivers, the preferred gpu and I've lowered the screen resolution on Skyrim to 1360x720 I believe, from 4k.

And why the heck is Chrome running more slowly than a laptop with the same specs (I tried an Asus out for a few days)? All the drivers and configurations were the same.

What is going on here?


Nevermind the Skyrim issue, I solved that by setting the resolution to 1920x1080, now it works like a charm, almost as fast as my desktop :)
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