Question Is a 4050/4060/4070 Laptop GPU enough for playing Fallout 4 Vr Modded?

Jan 17, 2024
I'm just wondering because it seems like it just comes in above the recommended specs.

But I remember my times modding skyrim and how even being quite a bit beyond the specs, that I had some issues running more than the basic mods.
(I did have an unreasonably low powered processor in that pc though, so that could also have been the issue.)

But yeah, anyway. That's my question, cheers.
Jan 17, 2024
In general, yes. These GPUs should play the game well, even modded. Of course, the stronger GPUs should have better performance.
Sorry for the late reply.
Thanks for your response.

So even if I got a 4050 Laptop GPU it would run it without major problems?
Like enough that I wouldn't regret going with it?

I shouldn't have put three in the question, I was looking at a laptop with a 4070.
But with more thought it's probably a little too far out of my budget.

Anyway, sorry for the continued questioning.

Thanks again for responding. Hope you have a Good day.
Jan 17, 2024
Given the game's requirements, all 3 of these should suffice. More GPU is better, of course, but bounded by the limits of your budget.

Are there other games you intend to run? You might want to broaden your perspective a bit to ensure whatever you choose can meet those needs.
Hi again, sorry for taking so long to reply and then responding out of the blue.

I just wanted to take some time and think about what you asked me.

As well as do some calculations on budget and look around.

I hope you don't mind if I ask a few more questions.

So on further thought I'm more seriously considering going for the 4070 one.

But I've heard things about screen quality and color something in regards to the screen on this pc.

So I was wondering two things about that and the vr setup.

Basically do you think a 4070 laptop gpu would struggle to run games with a Meta Quest 3?
Because it does say it runs on 4k.
Although I've heard it's not quite there, but I guess it's maybe enough to make the pc struggle a little more.

And if the screen really is that bad, would the laptop struggle too much running on an external monitor?
Like would there be significant delay do you reckon?
I don't really play online anymore, it stopped being fun for me when people started taking it too seriously and getting aggro.

But just wondering if Laptops running on external monitors would suffer from enough delay to make a single player game difficult?

Sorry for throwing all these questions at you.
If it's too much I can post it in a new question or something lol.

But yeah. Thinking about going for the 4070 Katana.
Hearing the build quality isn't great, the screen isn't great.

But I also know that sometimes people making molehills into mountains and are comparing good products to great products.

Ultimately I just wanted to have the experience of having a gaming laptop that isn't really majorly held back by restrictions.

Always had a laptop too far behind in capabilities.
Like, not being able to run Skyrim mamy years after it was released and instead being stuck running old games, struggling to even run Fallout New Vegas kinda behind lol.

But I guess the answer to your question would probably be:

I dont know, it's been a while since I played games properly.
But I guess I'd like to be able to run a fair amount of modern games.
But I'm okay if I can't run the most performance demanding games out there.

I plan on playing the heck out of some vr games and catching up on some games from series I've loved in the past like Bannerlord and maybe (maybe) The Spider-Man games. (If they'll run at all)
Red Dead Redemption 2 is a maybe on my list of games I'd like to play, but I'm trying to move away from some of the things the game has in it.

Idunno. Again sorry if this is a lot.

I've just been thinking about this a lot while watching the sale and waiting for my last payday within the timeframe before making a final decision.

Anyway cheers man, May God Bless you and yours.