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  1. RebelRam

    Solved! Audio change when i move character

    Hi, last day I downloading Skyrim and after the start of new game I notice the audio is not the same for my position of the head, when i move(walk) and turn the head in various position the audio get lowers or higher, please help me and explain the problem if is possible, thanks for the help.
  2. E

    Best Laptop out of Two

    Okay, so, I have picked out two laptops that are pretty cheap. I don't have a high budget so I'm looking for something reasonable. I found these both on Amazon and I'm curious which one would be best for the gaming I want to do. I'm not a heavy gamer, mostly stuff like Skyrim (which is probably...
  3. E

    Solved! can dell laptops be used to play skyrim special edition on steam

    So my dad bought me skyrim special edition on steam but our mac apple computers aren't compatible with steam cause i cant download the game and my mom told me i need to look at pc computers like windows but the windows we have dont work as they're broken, and my family "does not" have the...
  4. T

    Solved! 1050ti enough for VR?

    Hi! So, I got an HTC Vive for christmas and I watched a few videos and also played a few games that are not GPU intensive but the real question is , can an 1050TI run Skyrim VR with mods(not graphical mods, content mods), my config: -Palit GTX 1050 Ti 4GB Dual -8GB Ram DDR4 3000Mhz -AMD Ryzen 5...
  5. R

    can i play elder scrolls v skyrim special edition on hp pavilion cc129tx?

    these are the specifications of the elder scrolls v skyrim special edition: Minimum: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit Version) Intel i5-750/AMD Phenom II X4-945 8GB RAM 12 GB free HDD space Nvidia GTX 470 1GB /AMD HD 7870 2GB Recommended: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit Version) Intel i5-2400/AMD FX-8320 8GB...
  6. D

    Solved! Which laptops better?

    Hi Guys Just looking for some general advice as to which laptop out of the two would be better...
  7. G

    Skyrim on Alexa Highlights a Big Problem With Smart Speaker Games

    Skyrim has made the jump to Amazon Alexa. It...kind of worked. Skyrim on Alexa Highlights a Big Problem With Smart Speaker Games : Read more
  8. S

    Upgrade PC to VR-Ready

    Hi Guys Since the new Skyrim VR came out, im thinking about buying a new VR-Ready PC along with an oculus. But because my PC is still 18 months old, maybe upgrading it could get me the same for much less. So here is the thing: I'm planning on Playing Skyrim VR with a lot of mods and this ic my...
  9. A

    How well can my laptop run Skyrim (normal edition)?

    I have a HP 250 G5 Notebook PC with an Intel i5-6200U 2.30GHz with 4Gb of ram and Intel HD graphics 520 and I just wanted to know how well it would run skyrim.
  10. A

    Can the Acer Predator Helios 300 run modded Skyrim?

    I recently got my first job at a grocery store and wanted to save up for the Helios 300. Im a big fan of the Elder Scrolls series and wanted to know if the laptop could run Modded Skyrim: Special Edition at 60 frames with maybe some EMB mods? I’ve been playing it on a PS4 with their terrible...
  11. D

    Laptop that can play modded skyrim $600 - $800

    Alright, so I'm in need of a laptop for school and gaming. And I'm wondering if I can run Skyrim with the following mods: The City Overhaul, Vivid Weathers, Quick Loot, Wet And Cold, Footprints, Open Cites, Relationship Dialogue Overhaul and a few other mods. But here's the problem I live in...
  12. anceintsz

    Should I buy a ps4 vr headset or a new pc?

    New pc costs $633 but vr headset gear with Skyrim vr costs $449 is vr really worth it? What's it like?
  13. L

    Solved! Razer Blade Stealth Skyrim

    How well could I run Skyrim on my new razer blade stealth? it has 16 gb ram, 7th gen I7, and Intel HD 620 graphics card
  14. A

    My Skyrim and other games sometimes crash my computer.

    I have an Alien-ware laptop. i got it for my 12th birthday last year. It has been crashing without warning Every time i play the standard, or special edition of skyrim. And I'm guessing this is a problem with the fan. I thought it was just a issue with Skyrim for it crashing. But guild wars 2...
  15. V

    Why my old laptop is better than my new laptop ???

    so i have 2 laptops and here is the spec : compaq presario CQ43 (old) -processors : Intel Pentium b940 2ghz -ram : ddr3 2gb os : windows 7 ultimate 32bit hp g42 (new) -processors : Intel core i3 390m 2.6ghz -ram : ddr3 6gb -os : windows 10 pro 64bit both of my laptop is using Intel hd graphic...
  16. M

    I want to play skyrim on my asus zenbook ux330. What are the "safe temperatures" for CPU,GPU and motherboard?

    I mean to say, at what point will my laptop be damaged from the heat, and what is the safe range
  17. B

    Ultrabook 650$ usd

    Hello, Sorry for my english, but I need advice about purchase small and light notebook. Laptop should have 12-14 inch screen. Need device for manage my online store and evening playing games. - Old games (Gothics, Morrowind) - Indie pixels (roguelikes) - more modern (Skyrim) I'm casual player...
  18. B

    1050 vs 1060 3g

    Hi, im about to buy a notebook for media consumption and some medium gaming (skyrim, fallout 4, both heavy moded and some ark on a private server and way older games) and my budget (and the crazy taxes of my country) give me 2 choices with ZERO chance to upgrade anything in 6 to 8 months: HP...
  19. N

    Which Ultrabook to buy?

    Which ultrabook to buy? Razer Blade Stealth or MacBook Pro? Which can play games like Smite, CSGO, Skyrim well? Maybe Payday2 too.
  20. A

    Laptop to run modded Skyrim under 600

    I need a new laptop to run modded skyrim under $600. Would prefer around $400-500 but would go up to 600 if needed. Skyrim is gonna hopefully have 40+ mods A good chance I might also use it to capture footage of my xbox one s Yes I need the portability I will probably also buy a 1080p...
  21. M

    Fps question with games

    How can I figure out what fps I would get with Skyrim hd edition. I don't have it yet... any answers... link...
  22. N

    Skyrim Laptop - budget +- R10 0000

    Hey guys/girls Looking to get a laptop that can run skyrim modded, and on ultra setting - if at all possible. Not at all sure what to get. Any help would be appreciated.
  23. H

    MSi GP62 6QE Leopard Pro Help

    Okay, so I just bought this not to long ago. This version doesn't have the SSD (I'm new to Windows 10, so I can't find the specs). I do know there is only 8 gb of RAM and that this is running an i7-6700 and a GTX 950. My issue is Skyrim Special Edition. I normally run any game on this on high...
  24. D

    Laptop reboots when running Skyrim!

    When I load up Skyrim, as soon as I'm in the game world, the laptop screen goes black and the laptop restarts. The laptop I'm on has 6gb ram, an SSD, Intel i3-3110m CPU with integrated graphics (HD Graphics 4000). The machines runs fine when browsing, watching videos, checking emails etc. This...
  25. A

    can i use a dell inspiron e1505 with 2gb ram to play skyrim and use mods

    I bought this laptop and I was wondering if I could I could play skyrim with mods on it?
  26. Supahawk01

    Need the best gaming laptop for $700-750.

    Just as the title says, I am currently using an HP AMD A10-5745M APU with Radeon HD Graphics @2.1GHz. I want to know if I can pick up a laptop that would grant me much more fps in my most common games. Mostly WoW and quite a few steam games, with a little bit of Skyrim to boot. My maximum...
  27. N

    Does Recuva Deep Scan Recognizes Skyrim Save Files?

    The extension of a Skyrim save file is ".ess". I don't see it mentioned in the Piriform explanation of deep scan but I want to be sure. This is where I read it: My computer has been running a deep scan for...
  28. D

    Is the oculus rift- version 1 dev kit still worth getting?

    Is the oculus rift- version 1 dev kit still worth getting? - its going at about £150 at the near cex and ive always fancied one! however im not sure if its garbage by today standards- would it work with skyrim/ fallout 4 elite dangerous etc? if nto ill juts save up for the proper one. Cheers
  29. B

    Laptop for medium gaming and general use

    I'm looking for a good gaming laptop that isn't too costly with a 960m 4gb videocard. I want to run skyrim at highest settings at 60 fps, though I could live with 34 fps at the minimum while in certain areas of the game (This currently happens to me on my old core 2 duo 3.0 ghz desktop with a gt...
  30. D

    Is a Dell Inspiron 14 3000 able to play Skyrim?

    It's a computer
  31. S

    What is a good gaming laptop for $255? IF there is one.

    I would like a Laptop that could at least run Skyrim. I was originally gonna build a Desktop but i gave up on that. Answers would be appreciated.
  32. K

    Laptop for engineering applications and occational gaming

    I am currently looking to change my old laptop with AMD Radeon 5000 because it didn't seems to work well with CAD applications. I am looking for a laptop with graphic card that can handle both engineering and CAD software plus gaming. I am seriously into Skyrim mods and more likely to do so...
  33. G

    Skyrim CTD Fix please

    Hello, lately skyrim has been crashing to my desktop after fast traveling and after a few minutes of gameplay. I have used LOOT and TES5edit to clean my mods but i still get the CTDs. The CTDs can happen at any moment, When walking around in Whiterun to roaming around skyrim and fast traveling...
  34. G

    Will my 251-a123wb run Skyrim?

    Specs: Processor: Intel Pentium J2900 System Memory: 4GB DDR3 Hard Drive: 1TB Operating System: Windows 10 Home Media Card Reader: 7-in-1
  35. P

    Laptop recommendation for Skyrim

    Hello Everyone, I hope that this is the right place to ask this question. I am looking for a laptop that can run Skyrim on reasonably high settings with good frame-rate, and Fallout 3 on high settings and good fps. I'd also love if, in the future, I can run fallout 4 on low setting with...
  36. M

    laptop gs60 (sky lake,gtx970) with skyrim

    I bought a new MSI GS60 with the sky lake 6700HQ and GTX970 3GB ram. Is this capable of runnig skyrim with heavy mods??
  37. G

    Need a New Laptop

    I'm in the market for a new laptop and stumbled upon these : I mainly play football manager on 2d settings and LoL but I have Skyrim on steam that I've...
  38. T

    Needing help about tech specs to run skyrim well

    I am not a super techy person, so I really just want some opinions about what kinds of things (tech specs) to look for when buying a laptop for gaming, because I'm not completely sure what to look for. How much memory do I need, etc? Or do you have any positive experience with a laptop running...
  39. T

    MSI Afterburner Pagefile won't increase

    I recently bought a new pc and when I loaded up Skyrim I noticed it started crashing frequently. I checked MSI Afterburner and it turned out I was maxing my Pagefile. So I increased it to the recommended on both my boot partition and the partition where Skyrim is, however MSI doesn't show the...
  40. S

    windows on asus zenfone 2 with intel processor

    What exactly would be required in order to install a full version on Windows on an Asus Zenfone 2? It has x86 architecture. It would be a dream of mine to be able to play controller compatible windows games on the go. Morrowind, via Open MW, for example does not require a lot of computing...
  41. P

    Can i run these?

    Hello,can i run skyrim,gta 4 and warframe with this laptop? And on what settings with what fps? SPECS Dual Core i3 1.90ghz processor 4GB RAM DDR3 AMD Radeon R5 M230 graphic card windows 8.1 64bit Thanks.
  42. T

    Need approval on possible gaming laptop

    Hello, I have found a pc at a price I like and I would like to know if it could run games like skyrim at medium with a steady 30fps or terraria with no dips in performance. The specs are: Intel Core i7 2729QM 2.20GHz Processor 16GB Memory 17.3" Screen DVD +/- RW Drive NVIDIA Quadro 3000M 2048MB...
  43. J

    Looking for a good cheapish Laptop

    Hello, i'm looking for a decent laptop (windows) under 1500NZD ( i think its a little under 1000USD ) that will run Skyrim on High/Ultra 60fps(ish) and most other games on medium/high/ultra at 60fps(ish) Any kind of laptop is fine (any weight, size ect.) Thanks, Jacob :) Edit - will this be...
  44. J

    Help deciding on laptop Lenovo Z51

    Will it handle games like CS:GO, Skyrim, Rust, Payday 2 on med- high settings with 60fps 5th Generation Intel Core i7-5500U Processor (2.40GHz 1600MHz 4MB) Operating system Windows 8.1 64 Display 15.6" FHD LED Anti-Glare (1920x1080) Camera HD 720p with Mic Graphics AMD Radeon R9 M375 2GB...
  45. D

    Will the HP G124c4 run Skyrim or Dragon Age the latest versions? I figure it will run WoW but I like the other games too. Than

    Looking to possibly get a new laptop they have a HP G124c4 - will it run Skyrim or Dragon Age - the latest versions?? I know it will run WoW but really love the other games too. I have a very old ASUS that is barely running the 1st two games and lock up badly. Thank you for your answers. Money...
  46. S

    can a hp 15 pavilion notebook run skyrim

    My xbox recently broke and all my skyrim progress was lost, but i do have a hp 15 notebook pc, i was thinking about getting skyrim but im not sure wether it will run
  47. R

    Is this a good deal?

    looking for a laptop that can play some games. nothing too intensive like skyforge and skyrim etc. This good?
  48. M

    Gaming laptop for less $500

    I need a laptop that will play league of legends on very high 60+ fps and if possible fallout and skyrim?
  49. G

    Alienware 13 Skyrim

    Dell Alienware 13/ i5-4210U Processor/8GB Memory/500GB 5400 rpm Hybrid Hard Drive + 8GB Embedded Flash Cache/NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) GTX 860M with 2GB GDDR5/Windows 8.1 Resolution would be 1366x768 Can that run Skyrim well at Ultra?
  50. K

    Looking For A Gaming Laptop for 600-700?

    I'm looking for a gaming laptop that is decent to run Games like tera, skyrim, Grand Theft Auto V, games like that. Thanks in advance!
  51. G

    Laptop for Skyrim

    Looking for a laptop that can play Skyrim well at Ultra settings. My budget is 900-ish. Is that possible?
  52. C

    Can't decide between laptops

    I have found a few laptops of varying price and I wasn't really sure which were the best value for money. I'd like to be able to play games on them, like DB Xenoverse and Skyrim etc. nothing too heavy. I found...
  53. E

    Laptop that will be able to play Skyrim on Ultra with ENB and 2-4k textures

    How's it going guys? Created an account quickfast just to ask this question: Between the ACER Vnitro i7-4720 17"(R16,999.90) ($1423.28) Specs: Intel Core i7-4720HQ (2.6GHz), 43.942 cm (17.3 ") LED 1920 x 1080 IPS ComfyView, 8GB DDR3L, 1TB + 8GB SSHD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 4GB, Gigabit...
  54. E

    Laptop that will be able to play Skyrim on Ultra with ENB and 2-4k textures

    How's it going guys? Created an account quickfast just to ask this question: Between the ACER Vnitro i7-4720 17"(R16,999.90) ($1423.28) Specs: Intel Core i7-4720HQ (2.6GHz), 43.942 cm (17.3 ") LED 1920 x 1080 IPS ComfyView, 8GB DDR3L, 1TB + 8GB SSHD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 4GB, Gigabit...
  55. W

    Gaming Laptop Around $2000

    I'm looking for a gaming laptop that can run games such as Skyrim, The Witcher, WoW, Payday 2 etc. at minimum 60 fps. Doesn't have to play at max settings. Preferably Windows 7 (if possible of course) if not, that's fine. Thin kind of design at least 750 GB, also. That's really it, Thanks.
  56. Eliminator_v

    Cheap Gaming Laptop

    Do you think this is an ok laptop that will be able to run games like Witcher and Skyrim fine? Also do you think this...
  57. N

    Will this GPU work on this MoBo?

    I'm upgrading an old computer to play some games like skyrim. MoBo: ASRock H55M-LE GPU: EVGA NVIDIA GTX 750Ti SC
  58. KarlKarrlander

    Why is Skyrim and programs running slowly on my laptop?

    So I just bought a Lenovo Y50-70 laptop a few days ago and I installed a few programs and applications like Steam, Chrome, LibreOffice and AVG Free. Everything seems to be okay but I find that my chrome browser and playing Skyrim is lagging and running slowly. Here are the specs real quick...
  59. H

    Skyrim runs well on one laptop but lagging at a higher-specs laptop?

    Skyrim runs smoothly,30 to 40fps(while the loading time is long) under this laptop specs CPU : AMD A6-5350m Dual Core 1.9GHz GPU : AMD Radeon HD8670M RAM : 2GB while it lags under this specs CPU: AMD A8-5550M Quad Core 2.1 GHZ GPU: AMD Radeon HD8670M RAM :4GB Can someone help?
  60. P

    Laptop to play skyrim

    I wanted to know if this laptop i was going to get could run skyrim well, even with mods! The specs are i5-4210m cpu, 8gb ram, 1tb hardrive, nvidea geforece gtx 860m gpu! This was for £667! However i could get an i7 quad core 4710mq cpu instead for £50 extra, is it worth the quad core for skyrim?