MSI Afterburner Pagefile won't increase


Sep 11, 2015
I recently bought a new pc and when I loaded up Skyrim I noticed it started crashing frequently. I checked MSI Afterburner and it turned out I was maxing my Pagefile. So I increased it to the recommended on both my boot partition and the partition where Skyrim is, however MSI doesn't show the increase in Pagefile and Skyrim continues to crash.



How do I increase the Pagefile so MSI will recognize it?
When you changed paging file size did you click the "Set" button, then the 'OK' button, then restart Windows?

If you didn't then it's size will still be at the old setting. Your changes will not have been saved.
Windows can't change paging file size without a restart since a new pagefile.sys has to be created as Windows is loading.