Laptop reboots when running Skyrim!


Oct 15, 2016
When I load up Skyrim, as soon as I'm in the game world, the laptop screen goes black and the laptop restarts. The laptop I'm on has 6gb ram, an SSD, Intel i3-3110m CPU with integrated graphics (HD Graphics 4000). The machines runs fine when browsing, watching videos, checking emails etc. This problem has only happened when I run Skyrim. I turned the graphics options down and that seemed to help. I could then roam around Skyrim and the frame rates are ok because I installed fraps and get 30fps average. I noticed the last time the problem happened was during combat against enemies using magic. And I think because there was a lot going on in my screen that maybe that had something to do with it?
Most likely the temps are too high. This game can put a lot of pressure on the cpu which could be overheating. Check with real temp or hwmonitor. If the temps are nearing 90 then its too high and the game is too intensive.
Have you checked the temps to see if it is over heating?

Try installing a program like "Speedfan" or similar monitoring program and see what the temps are when using the game as well as when doing other things.

If the temp is high, it will shut down the computer.