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  1. Q

    Lenovo Y510P Single GPU

    Will the y510p single GPU no SLI, be able to run games on MAX settings? - Skyrim - Dota 2 - BF 3, 4. - GTA - Guild Wars 2 ETC. I'm looking at the 59370005 and comparing with 59370007 models. Anyone want to put their two cents in? Thanks...
  2. S

    Is this laptop worth it.

    I am looking for a 1500 laptop that can play games like skyrim and lol at high fps on high graphics. Would this laptop be worth this amount of money?
  3. F

    Looking for a gaming laptop

    Hello, so I plan on buying a laptop for gaming(Minecraft, Call of duty BO2, Skyrim), watching 1080p videos and just general everyday work. Now before you comment saying I should just build one I go out often and bringing a desktop,keyboard,mouse and monitor is not very convenient. Here are a...
  4. C

    Laptop for Minecraft and Skyrim?

    I am looking for a laptop that will run Minecraft, Skyrim and some other older games like left 4 dead 2. I will use it for work and internet too. My price range is £600. Could anyone help, thanks.
  5. S

    cant here anything when someones behind me when playing (speaker problem)

    well you see its like this when i play skyrim theres npc's and when there talking while im not looking at them looking behind me i cant hear them talking only if i talk to them face to face its really annoying any help guys please i hope you know what i mean please reply know it has to do...
  6. G

    Which laptop is better?

    I will use this laptop for surfing the web and some gaming. The games are moderate level and nothing close to skyrim or cod.
  7. U

    Can this computer run skyrim on ultra?

    I am looking to buy a new computer since my old one is getting well old and I would like to know if this computer can run Skyrim on ultra. If not could you give...
  8. A

    600 or less laptop

    Hey guys, im looking for a laptop that can play games like skyrim, borderlands 2 and civilization 5. I can pay no more then $600 and it must be from either Costco, bestbuy, newegg or Office Depot. Thanks
  9. R

    looking to record gameplay on PC

    Hi, im looking to record my gameplay (Skyrim) and i want to record it without losing FPS? is that even possible? i've read using fraps to record, can cut the FPS in half. What would be the best software to record my raw gameplay with the lose of FPS. Thanks Ryan
  10. D

    Need a cheapish gaming laptop, HELP

    So i'm looking for a gaming laptop that i can play Skyrim, Call of Duty, etc.(also my new favorite Cube World) Id like to play on high graphics settings, but if i can play on medium with high fps i'm good. Id prefer it to be 15-17 screen and be a Windows 7. I've also heard that NVIDIA is the...
  11. L

    Stuck in the 'What to choose' loop :(

    We've all been there, those headaches from looking up laptops and comparing specs.. I've finally been able to make a short list of a couple of laptops. I only just returned a laptop I bought so I'm hoping this one is for good! It'll be used as a general laptop, Internet, TV shows, casual gaming...
  12. B

    Gaming laptop in UK

    Hi everyone, I want to buy a gaming laptop that can run games like Skyrim on high settings at good FPS. After a lot of research, these two laptops are my preferences: Lenovo IdeaPad y510p Toshiba Qosmio x70 They're both pretty similar in terms of specs and price, the Toshiba comes out on top...
  13. B

    Is G75VW-AH71 easy to upgrade? How is the G75VW-AH71 gaming performance?

    Is G75VW-AH71 easy to upgrade? How is the G75VW-AH71 gaming performance? I at first bought G750JW-BBI7N05 at best buy. And Skyrim worked without any issues. I returned back because I saw a better one at Amazon called G750JW-DB71. But with G750JW-DB71 I had low FPS play Skyrim and I had alot of...
  14. G

    Lenovo Z585 video memory help

    Hey so I have the Lenovo Z585, and it has 512mb of dedicated video memory. and 2.9gb of shared video memory. So it has a descent amount of dedicated memory but will the shared memory also help out maybe give me performance near 1gb of dedicated memory? And would that benefit if i got 8gb of ram...
  15. L

    Decent touchscreen "gaming" laptop for under $800?

    I've been looking at laptops for a little while now, and have decidedly fallen in love with touchscreens. I've always hated the mouse on laptops, and this seems like a great solution. Now my problem is this - I'd like to be able to run something like say, Skyrim, at least on medium settings...
  16. M

    is this laptop good for 2 - 3 years games like skyrim bf4 Crysis on high medium let me know posted this 2 times before not a single reply please explain to me like a 12 year old...
  17. H

    Gaming and school laptop

    It doesn't need to be a complete overkill of software, basically, all I will use it for is Skyrim, Minecraft, and typing papers on word. I guess this can be described as a versatile laptop. Windows 7 is preferred. It must be pretty cheap, around $600-700. Thanks!
  18. A

    Laptop upgrade to run Skyrim

    Hi, I'm new to Tom's hardware but wanted to ask: I'm on a Toshiba Satellite C655d Running Windows 8 x64 with 2gb of DDR3 RAM Radeon 4200HD with 256mb of RAM and amd v120 processor clocked at 2.20 GHz 250gb hardrive at 5400 RPM I'm wondering what kind of upgrades I can make to this computer to...
  19. O

    Amd Proccessor help

    Hi there, I've had my laptop for some time and I sometimes struggle with games like shogun 2, skyrim and battlefield 3. Specs: Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1 CPU AMD A8-4500M @2.80Ghz Trinity 32nm Technology RAM 16.0 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 807MHz Motherboard...
  20. T

    Need help! I'm a PC newbie

    So I'm getting an alienware 14x and I'm looking to play skyrim on medium to high . Minecraft on high , Battlefield 3 on medium to high and world of war craft on medium to high . I will not use the laptop for anything else but that and using the Internet. I need help on the specs! My budget is...
  21. B

    Will the alienware m14x play skyrim

    I'm thinking about getting the cheapest alienware m14x (1100$) and was wondering would i be able to play on ultra or high with some mods. And what would be the fps. Here are the specs: Processor 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i5-3230M (3MB Cache, up to 3.2 GHz w/ Turbo Boost 2.0) Operating...
  22. S

    Max RAM for G53SW-FHD-SZ143V

    Hi, I'm experimenting with RAMDISK and would like to run games from a large RAM Disk. So far I have Steam running in RAM but I haven't enough RAM for games like Skyrim. I expect that the G53SW will expand to 32gb but ASUS say 16. Has anyone put 4 x 8GB SODIMMS in one of these OK? Cheers Steve
  23. G

    Skyrim DLC Release for PS3 Gets Dated

    Skyrim DLC for PS3 is finally here. Skyrim DLC Release for PS3 Gets Dated : Read more
  24. D

    Laptop that can handle skyrim and editingqfor under £600

    I am getting a tax rebate of £600 and plan to buy a laptop, I will be using this laptop to play games such as skyrim and fifa but will also be editing with Sony Vegas and doing a lot of browsing (YouTube , forums ) I will eventually build a i7 editing PC but this laptop will be used until I have...
  25. R

    Laptop with i3 + geforce 635m for games?

    Can I use this laptop for games like Skyrim, Assassins Creed 3...? I dont need high details.
  26. G

    Skyrim DLC Coming PS3, PC in February

    Skyrim DLC will finally be coming for PS3 players. Skyrim DLC Coming PS3, PC in February : Read more
  27. S

    For skyrim use laptop help is this good or is there something better for this price :??:
  28. kyleis

    WTB: $600 -$800 Skyrim (and online) notebook/laptop.

    Any suggestions?? The breakdown: Price is the biggest factor ($600 -$800), and of course I want the best for the least. Main goal: Asus Pref, Play Skyrim and the upcoming online game version on at least medium quality settings, with hopefully higher quality graphics. Other wants: Full...
  29. P

    What is the best system to play skyrim on

    Hello, hi i have a ps3 and i cant play the skyrim game because of freezing. I am thinking about buying an xbox so i can play but then maybe a pc one. I just want to know what is the best way to go where i can complete the game 100% with out any problems
  30. G

    Bethesda 'Close' to Bringing Skyrim DLC to PS3

    Skyrim DLC may finally be coming to PS3. Bethesda 'Close' to Bringing Skyrim DLC to PS3 : Read more
  31. I

    Best gaming laptop under 700 dollars 2012

    Hello, i'm new to this site and i like to inquire a laptop that can run games like skyrim, metro2033 ,gta4, crysis and the like at medium settings at the most under 700. any suggestions? sorry for my bad english
  32. dscudella

    Toshiba Satellite & Skyrim = Oven

    Good evening everyone, I just bought a Toshiba Satellite literally 6 hours ago from Best Buy. I got it configured and everything set up at home then decided to put Skyrim on it. I turned the video settings to LOW but high resolution and made it through the opening scene and then received...
  33. I

    Gaming laptop around 800$

    Hi, Im looking for a gaming laptop for games like skyrim, day z, guild wars 2, dues ex etc. The screen cant be bigger than 16 inches, i can go a bit over 800, but not much. right now im considering these laptops...
  34. B

    Can an hp pavilion dv6 run skyrim

    I want a laptop that can run games for when I travel
  35. P

    Which Laptop?

    Hi all , i am getting a laptop soon. which of these is better as they are the same price in my country. i am going to use it for web-surfing, skyrim (i don't care about performance , just that it plays skyrim at around 20-30fps low (becuse im not picky.)) and home work. i could donload it on...
  36. S

    Laptop for Skyrim, GW2, and Titles for the future?

    Hello everyone, I'm a student and I'm looking for a laptop that would be able to run Skyrim, and Guild Wars 2. I only have about $1200 to spend and my desktop that I used to play Skyrim on is out of commission, and I don't want to spend $300 making it workable if I'll only be home to use it 3-4...
  37. S

    How much would a laptop cost that can run skyrim?

    My budget is from 200 to 400 bucks. Give me the link to the laptop.
  38. tuanmai

    Behold the Skyrim Alduin Cake: FUS RO CAKE!

    Now it's Alduin's turn to be eaten! Behold the Skyrim Alduin Cake: FUS RO CAKE! : Read more
  39. G

    Unofficial Skyrim App Gets Legal Warning from Bethseda

    Bethesda/ZeniMax have been quite the lawsuit happy folk lately... Unofficial Skyrim App Gets Legal Warning from Bethseda : Read more
  40. N

    What laptop can run skyrim on maxed out settings with mods

    i need to know budget dont matter
  41. N

    What laptop could run skyrim on maked out settings????

    i need answer please
  42. H

    Portable laptop able to play Skyrim?

    Hey, I'm well aware that graphics cards will compromise battery life and everything, but I'm trying to find something like this: - Less than about 14 inches. - Battery life of at least three hours while surfing. - Preferably non-glossy screen. - i5 or i7 CPU. - Built-in 3G. - Can run Skyrim at...
  43. G

    Spotlight: Big Monitors, Skyrim, and Musical Doorbells

    This week, we talk about sweet monitors, Kinect-friendly Skyrim, the best doorbell ever made and ISP's that fight for you. Spotlight: Big Monitors, Skyrim, and Musical Doorbells : Read more
  44. C

    is the aspire one good for playing skyrim

    Hello, I have the aspire one netbook is it or will it play skyrim or fallout new vegas, and what will allow me to play games on it, because it doesnt have anything to put the game cd in.
  45. P

    Choosing a Gaming laptop please help out?

    I got three ones that look nice, I want ot be able to play Skyrim as high as possible, but more importantly, smoothly...
  46. J

    Need to help a friend buy a laptop.

    Hi everyone. I came here to help shop for a laptop for my friend. The price range is $200-400 dollars USD. All they said is that they want to be able to play Skyrim and Garry's Mod on Medium-High Settings. Now I know high settings for Skyrim is not possible in this price range, but what about...
  47. dconnors

    Exclusive: Bethesda to Announce Elder Scrolls MMO in May

    Bethesda and ZeniMax are hard at work on a new MMO, and it's taking you back to the world of Skyrim, Oblivion and Morrowind. Exclusive: Bethesda to Announce Elder Scrolls MMO in May : Read more
  48. R

    Skyrim for laptops

    can i play skyrim on my laptop ?
  49. L

    Alienware M17XR3 580M not working in Skyrim

    My friend just got a new Alienware M17XR3 laptop which seemed to work fine until we tried to launch Skyrim. The game is extremely laggy at medium to high and MSI Afterburner reports 'power save' levels of core clock from the GTX 580M. Whenever I...
  50. F

    Skyrim requirements forum

    Hello, I got: lenovo ideapad G550 notebook with win 7 32bit pentium dual-core 2.30 GHz 2,00 RAM NVIDIA GeForce G105M (512 MB) Can I run The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim?
  51. T

    Will it run BF3, Old republic and/or Skyrim?

    Good evening friends, I am a poor college student looking around for a budget gaming laptop. The other day I stumbled upon this.... . I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this laptop as far as gaming was concerned. The...
  52. S

    Fraps Black Screen Playback?

    Hello, I'm trying to record Skyrim with my registered 3.4.0 version of Fraps but it seems to be recording nothing but audio. When viewing the playback, all that shows is the 1st image of the clip and then it plays audio. I've been looking for a fix to this but I can't find any online, does...
  53. I

    Acer 5735 run skyrim at all?

    Hi All, Basically im here for a bit of advice about whether my laptop will be able to run skyrim at all( even on med to low), as i will be away from my desktop for a period of time, just in case i buy the game and cant run it. Its a few years old so i dont hold out much hope, but any help is...
  54. exfileme

    Parents Get Free Games From Skyrim Baby Name Challenge

    One couple has named their new son Dovahkiin in order to claim a lifetime of games from Bethesda. Parents Get Free Games From Skyrim Baby Name Challenge : Read more
  55. M

    Gaming Laptop for Skyrim *Bang for the Buck*

    Ok, my girlfriend LOVES Skyrim and I need to get her to stop hogging my desktop. :) She's got an old MacBook Pro we're gonna eBay for 500-600 and I'd like to find her a nice gaming laptop under $1000 if possible that will lay waste to Skyrim. I keep hearing that Skyrim isn't too hard on the...
  56. A

    My laptop gets hot!!

    Hi guys I have a GT 330m in my laptop and I am overclocking it for Skyrim to get better framerates. Not overclocked it's at 80C, but when I do OC it gets up to 88C! Hot for a laptop no? I really want to keep my laptop overclocked (but only when I am playing Skyrim) so is 80-88C for hours on...
  57. C

    Can this laptop handle Skyrim?

    After looking around I have changed my initial option of the HP dv7tqe to the ASUS G53SW-XT1 I know Skyrim is not out yet nor am I very good at reading specs but do you guys think this will be able to run it on Med-High settings at max resolution (1920 x 1080)...
  58. dconnors

    Bethesda Shows Skyrim to the Public, Announces CE

    Skyrim has finally been shown to the pubic, and a Collector's Edition has also been announced. Bethesda Shows Skyrim to the Public, Announces CE : Read more