What laptop can run skyrim on maxed out settings with mods


Dec 13, 2012
Believe it or not i7/Nvidia GTX combination are crap for games. I would go for an AMD/AMD RADEON combo....Not only they are HEAPS Cheaper......
I have a real example of real tests.....(not crappy synthetic benchmarks that almost NEVER apply in a real-life situation).
Friend has a Samsung i7 with GTX optimus card ( cant remember model ).
I Have AMD A8 with Radeon 6xxx Series crossfire (Cant rember model either).

He spend $400 more for his......I can ALMOST max out Skyrim (A little choppy)
His is unplayable at Max settings let alone if he can play on medium.

Another reason why AMD is better in the Laptop arena.....Their graphics kick butt.....This is my own experience....My friend wants to sell his laptop now and he said will never buy Intel/Nvidia again....I dont blame him.