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  1. S

    Will i get skyrim to work?

    Will a Lenovo Laptop,G50 i think,run skyrim? without mods lag or no if it can just run it without crashing.
  2. J

    Which refurbished laptops on NewEgg will run Skyrim on High settings? I know desktops are better, but I have to travel and wan

    I'm on and want to find a laptop that will run Skyrim on High or better but don't quite know what to buy. I want refurbished to keep the...
  3. H

    Will this system run skyrim?

    will this system run skyrim?
  4. Herakuresu

    Graphic problems,Blue screens,Weird graphic freeze while playing.

    I have encountered a couple of blue screens,freezing of my laptop while playing and these weird lights (while playing Skyrim).I think my graphic card is slowly dying...My laptop is over 5years old Sony Vaio VPCEC2M1E and i also want to ask that if it is possible to upgrate it/change the parts...
  5. S

    Friendly help please about high graphic games

    Hello. New lenovo user here. Want to ask those lenovo users or z50 users, i installed dota 2, skyrim and gta5 the grapchics doesnt seem to exceed my expactations. and I change to the best and worse settings also the graphic lags by 0.5 seconds. [Edited to remove off-topic content ---Moderator]
  6. G

    Laptop good enough for WoW/Skyrim?

    Hi there, I'm not sure either to buy this laptop or not... Is it good enough for WoW, Skyrim, LoL? Please help me! Graphics NVIDIA Geforce GT840 2GB Graphics Hard Drive 1TB HDD Processor...
  7. A

    Whats a good gaming laptop for under 700 dollars

    I am looking for a laptop that can run games like skyrim with little to no mods, but i dont want to break the bank. My budget is around 600 to 700 dollars, but the absolute maximum i can spend is around 800. The only things i will use it for is for skyrim level games and some schoolwork here...
  8. A

    good gaming computer for skyrim.

    which is a good gaming laptop to play skyrim? lenevo y50, alien ware 13 alien ware 15, or alien ware 17.
  9. G

    gaming laptop on budget

    hello guys, im looking to get a gaming laptop, one that can play gmod with heavy modding on 50fps or more, budget is 1300 usd or less, i want it to play csgo on high/medium on 60fps and some League of legends, and im getting into skyrim so that too, i might mod skyrim but it seems to be heavy...
  10. S

    New laptop with bad performance in Skyrim only

    I have a laptop with a 5400RPM HDD and an 80GB caching mSATA. It has a good GPU ect and runs all of my games well except for Skyrim. It seems to take longer to load the cells that appear as you run about the game world. Is this because of the storage set up in this machine? I had a 7200rpm drive...
  11. Invisipixel

    Is this a good laptop for gaming?

    I'd like to run all these games while recording at a decen t frame rate. ARMA DayZ TF2 Minecraft(at least 60fps while recording) Gmod Skyrim Modded Skyrim(No overhauls or enb's) And a video editing software like Sony Vegas Seeing as I am without a laptop and my iPhone is acting up here are the...
  12. Invisipixel

    Need a good gaming laptop I'd like to run all these games while recording at a decen t frame rate. ARMA DayZ TF2 Minecraft(at least 60fps while recording) Gmod...
  13. Invisipixel

    Is this ok for gaming?

    I'd like to run all these games while recording at a decen t frame rate. ARMA DayZ TF2 Minecraft(at least 60fps while recording) Gmod Skyrim Modded Skyrim(No overhauls or enb's) And a video editing software like Sony Vegas Seeing as I am without a laptop and my iPhone is acting up here are the...
  14. J

    Skyrim Crashes to Desktop

    I have a Acer Laptop, with a i5-4201U CPU @ 1.70Ghz, 6 Gb. Ram, Intel HD Graphics 4400, w/ 1792mb of video memory, and Windows 8.1, I play Skyrim and my game after 15 minutes of gameplay crashes to desktop. I have graphics card set to High Performance, and power options set to High Performance...
  15. A

    Best laptop cooling pad?

    I will be using it for games similar to Skyrim, Fallout and such. Also for school work. I have a $30 budget (would like it be around $20). Suggestions?
  16. B

    $400-$700 laptop for running FL Studio 11, games like Skyrim, and basic web browsing [US]

    I'm looking for a laptop capable of running FL Studio 11 without issues when the project gets complicated. On my previous laptop, (Toshiba Satellite C655D) FL would lag and the CPU would overload. I also would like to be able to play games such as Skyrim at a medium-high quality. I really have...
  17. K

    Could this Laptop run skyrim?

    I bought this laptop and it is going to get here Tuesday, My question is, Could it run Skyrim on medium-high at a good fps? Here it is :
  18. M

    Can this laptop run modded Skyrim?

    I am trying to select a laptop at the moment, which can handle school work better than my current home laptop (which is about 6 years old). However I would also like to be able to play games on this laptop, specifically modded Skyrim. The laptop I am currently looking at is the Lenovo Z50-70 i5...
  19. X

    Laptop shuts down after 5min gaming

    as the title suggests my acer v3 laptop shuts down after 5min of offline gaming. tested and happens when playing skyrim and blackflag. back half a year ago when i got the laptop i could play skyrim for hours without problems. i have a i7-4702mq, gtx760m, 8gb ram and use win8,1. nvidia is up to date.
  20. A

    skyrim i7 core nvidia geforce 710 m

    can skyrim run on nvidia geforce 710 m intel core i7 memory 8gb HDD750 asus f552c
  21. R

    Looking for a laptop that's either a $1,000 or under that plays skyrim well.

    I know that this is a simple question, but my friend had bought a laptop from one of his friends three years ago (It was a Hp) that has been able to play skyrim on high settings. But lately it's been giving out on him so he's looking for something new. He's not really into gaming as the only...
  22. E

    [HELP] Gaming Laptops That Costs Around 500-550$

    Hello everyone, Im a completely noob for these kinds of things (Sorry if my budget is ridiculous to have a decent gaming laptop) but I just started to make money by myself. So... Im looking for a gaming laptop that can handle games like Skyrim, CoD: Ghosts, Aliens: Isolation, Styx, Shadow of...
  23. M

    Is There any laptops that can play cod BO2 Minecratft or Skyrim under 500$ I want a laptop that can play these games i also wa

    Im looking for a cheap laptop that can run cod and Minecraft on medium settings
  24. E

    Skyrim problem and a new laptop

    Hello, SO as i told you guys i got a new computer laptop specs i7 4700hq at 2.4 ghz but it is always on 3.2 ghz when pluged in 16gm ram (upgraded today) 1 tb har drive nvidia 840m geforce overall its a good laptop and i played skyrim for the first time today and it automatically adjusted it...
  25. D

    i need a gaming/ school laptop, need some options...

    hi i need a gaming/ school laptop and my budget is $750-$800 i would like a 15 inch laptop so i can carry it around but if its bigger i can deal with it. i want to be able to run skyrim with mods and dlc, GTA, ESO, and maybe COD black ops 2... the COD is just a maybe i can do without it. thank...
  26. Y

    looking for a gaming laptop 500

    I'm looking for a gaming/programming laptop. I'm on a 500 Canadian budget, and can go into local stores to get laptops and such. I mostly play Minecraft, Terraria, wizard101, TF2 some skyrim and dishonored. Skyrim and dishonored don't have to play on high settings, I'm fine with low, but for tf2...
  27. D

    i need some opinions on what gaming laptop to buy

    im looking for a laptop that can run skyrim on regular settings with no lag but i also need it for school, what should i get? my budget is $650 and im hoping to buy it soon, thank you!
  28. L

    gaming desktop computer

    Can someone tell me how good this computer is and if it would run skyrim an would it video edit also if you have any recommendations in that price range let me know thank you.
  29. L

    need a laptop for 550

    I need a laptop that can run skyrim for 550 dollars that's really all I need besides the basic of what a computer is for
  30. D

    Good laptop for Skyrim

    I'm looking for a laptop that can run skyrim well. I looked at this one: But I wasn't sure if it would run skyrim. Help me out?
  31. H

    Will this laptop run Skyrim at high/medium settings with mods?

    Hello to everyone. I was thinking about getting this laptop soon.http:// I wanted to know if it could run Skyrim at high/medium settings and still have enb mods like realvision, while staying around 50-60 fps. I don't have to have the grass mod that destroys your GPU. If I cant run the enb...
  32. sammy sung

    Could I play this?

    would I be able to play skyrim with a GTS 360m at 1366X768 at any settings? All the benchmarks I see are from 2010 and older? Just in case it matters 10gb ram i7 720QM Thanks!
  33. S

    Gaming laptop under 600$ to 1000$

    HI I am looking for a laptop to run skyrim with mods and Battlefield 3 And mostly "watch dog" , "crysis 3 " other more :) With a backlit keyboards
  34. D

    720p, Free recording software without time limits, or licence?

    Hi, I need a free to use recording software or service for games (csgo, skyrim, euro truck, portal, Watch Dogs, etc) that doesn't especially have an impact on performance (If possible) without time limits like 10 mins, 20mins+ would be okay but preferabley not limited. And reliability is...
  35. T

    New to pc gaming (Intel Core I3 4010U)

    Can it play Skyrim? I checked game debate and they say yes but notebookcheck says no. Please help I am super new to pc games. I'm choosing between A. Lenovo brand: Intel i3-4010U with 4400 Intel HD Graphics, 6gb RAM B. HP brand: Intel i3-3130M processor with 4000 HD Graphics 4 gb RAM and...
  36. Z

    why is my pc louder and hotter when playing these games?

    When I play sleeping dogs or the sims 3 my pc is significantly louder and isn't ice cold like it normally is. My pc is more than powerful enough for these games too and can can play skyrim and more on ultra without breaking a sweat. I have i7 4790k, r9 290 and 8gb ram
  37. B320R

    Cheap Gaming Laptops?

    I'm looking for a good cheap gaming laptop ($500 and lower). Games like: (Skyrim, the Forest, etc.). I prefer medium to high settings. I've found 3 but I don't know if they are good for gaming. First two: Last one...
  38. R

    ideapad y510p 1 graphics card

    Does the ideapad y510p still game well with 1 graphics card. (I will be playing skyrim with mods.)
  39. X

    is my laptop underperforming?

    i have a toshiba laptop, and most websites (Game debate is one of them) tell me that i should be able to run skyrim at medium-high settings. But i get about 20fps in cities and when adventuring, i get about 35fps, and this is when im running it at LOW. Specs Intel i5-4200M 2.5ghz (4 CPU's) 6GB...
  40. S

    Laptop for on the go schooling, Minecraft and Skyrim

    Looking for a laptop around 400-600$ USD (Maybe a bit more, not much), that will do schooling on the go while being able to play minecraft and skyrim on high or ultra setting. I believe both are CPU intensive games, but I don't think integrated graphics would be able to run them like I want...
  41. N

    Sony Vegas Pro 12 audio problem. No audio in clips!? peak building.

    I recently recorded some Skyrim gameplay using dxtory. When I went to drag the file into sony vegas it doesn't even build any peaks and I don't have any existing peak files. There is no audio when I play it. No it isn't muted or anything. I played the file in windows media player and It was...
  42. E

    Looking for a gaming laptop that can run skyrim with mods on at least medium settings with no lag

    Hello, Im a new girl here on the forum. So i apologise if this question has been asked already. Im looking to buy a gaming laptop that can run skyrim with mods. I admit i don't know enough about laptops to make an educated decision. I don't mind buying used or refurbished. It doesn't have to be...
  43. I

    Looking for a good rpg to play

    i am burnt out of the current rpg's i played which are dragon age orgins skyrim dark souls demon souls witcher 2 witcher 1 mass effect 1 mass effect 2 borderlands 1 and 2 Fallout: New Vegas
  44. A

    msi GE 2OD 247US

    Would I be able to play Skyrim, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and Civilization 5 on the mentioned model above?
  45. T

    Laptop under $550

    I am looking for a good laptop. I need it to at least run minecraft, and skyrim. My budget is $550 and i live in the Pennsylvania in the United States of America.
  46. J

    what laptop would run skyrim decent more info below

    Ok so my budget is straight up 600$ + shipping fees I would like to play at least on 720p with 45 fps on high if possible and would like to install the hd texture pack is there a good cheap laptop that would work with a tight budget pls and thanks for the feed back
  47. M

    I need a gaming laptop to run skyrim with mods

    Skyrim on high with mods Budget 1000$
  48. M

    Best Gaming laptop for WoW and Skyrim

    I'm looking for the best gaming laptop for WoW and skyrim at ultra settings. My budget is 1500 and plus tax is no problem if its exactly 1500 plus tax. I have searched and found these so far as well as this alienware. I have a gaming desktop computer already so I'm looking for a...
  49. kiwi king

    Can my laptop run Skyrim on low-medium settings?

    I was wondering if my laptop would run Skyrim at low-medium settings. Here it is: Thanks in advance!
  50. A

    BEST laptop for Skyrim/Fallout on ULTRA and heavily modded

    DONT EVEN SAY IT.... I know what you're thinking!!! But for a guy in my position i just cannot see building a gaming PC. I am going to college, about a 250 mile drive here. Well, i really don't want to carry around a monitor, PC, etc etc... The mobility and portability of a laptop far outweigh...
  51. F

    Gaming laptop under 500$

    HI I am looking for laptop to run skyrim with mods and Battlefield 3 Graphic= Medium to high Budget= 500$
  52. A

    Which gaming book should I buy

    I was looking for a good laptop to play games such as skyrim, Naruto, Modern Warfare 4 and COD ghosts. Here are the laptops and specifications I am not able to decide which of the following should I buy All I wanted is a laptop that will be able to run games Like Skyrim, Naruto, MW 4, COD...
  53. W

    Can this laptop run games like dayz and perhaps skyrim?

    I want a laptop which can play the odd games but the main priority for gaming wise is dayz will this run that game on medium to high standards?
  54. S

    Need help finding a gaming laptop.

    Hello, I been gaming for over a decade now but never really could play games at max settings. I usually use my computer for work also so I need a laptop. I would like a laptop that will play the latest games such as battlefield 4, crysis 3, and the new elder scrolls online. I want a machine that...
  55. J

    Can i play skyrim on my google chromebook?If so how?Or suggest a better suited laptop.

    Acer C710-2833 11.6-Inch Chromebook - Iron Gray
  56. Y

    I'm looking for a good gaming laptop under $1000 that will run games on high settings

    I already have a gaming desktop, but now I would like a gaming laptop. I will be playing modern games like Skyrim, Max Payne 3, and the occasional FPS game. Also, I would like to play those games on high settings, with a budget of $1000. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks again.
  57. J

    Good for gaming like WoW and Skyrim/TESO?

    Hello there, I'm thinking on buying an HP Pavilion 15z-n100. I'm customizing it with AMD Quad-Core A6-5200 Processor+ AMD Radeon™ HD 8670M Discrete and 6GB DDR3 System Memory (RAM). It would cost $584.99 with all that. Would it be good for gaming for such games like WoW and Skyrim/The Elder...
  58. M

    Is the i5-4200M laptop CPU good enough for gaming?

    Considering the i5-4200M 2.5GHz dual core processor, paired with Nvidia GTX 760M on a 1600*900 screen. From notebookcheck: the 760M is quite a good gpu which can play (most) 2013 games on high so I'm worried the 4200M wont keep...
  59. Z

    hd-8970m enough for Dolphin and Skyrim?

    I'm buying a laptop for gaming. I was thinking about a Sagar NP8255 laptop from Xoticpc. Wondering if a AMD hd-8970m and a 4th gen intel i-7 4700mq is enough to play Skyrim(with alot of mods) and wii games on Dolphin Emulator in1080p? or do I need to upgrade it to a 780m? Aprreciate your help...
  60. V

    y510p SLI or FORCE 16F3 (675MX)?

    I am having a hard time deciding between y510p with the 750 SLI or FORCE 16F3 with the 675mx. I tried looking for some head...