Sony Vegas Pro 12 audio problem. No audio in clips!? peak building.

Nico Da Ninja

Dec 8, 2013
I recently recorded some Skyrim gameplay using dxtory. When I went to drag the file into sony vegas it doesn't even build any peaks and I don't have any existing peak files. There is no audio when I play it. No it isn't muted or anything. I played the file in windows media player and It was perfectly fine but when I play it in sony vegas there is no audio, no peaks, nothing. When I drop another gameplay that I recorded some time ago it works perfectly fine. The video preview plays fine but there is no audio. Someone help please.

If you haven't used Handbrake or MPEG Streamclip then download one or both and try to open the file with it to see if you get any audio. Both of those are free downloads and can be used to convert the file into something Vegas will recognize (both video and audio). If you need to analyze the video file to get more information on it you can use MediaInfo or GSpot.