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    Solved! Audio Problem with Razer Kraken X's

    I have a problem with the Razer Kraken X's. Whenever I'm in a Discord call, the audio from the computer leaks into the headset microphone, even when I have the mic muted from the headset. I'm on MacOS. Any suggestions?
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    Please help me, Audio Problem, none of my audio producing devices are connected and I cant fix it. When I troubleshoot the problem, it says this - And when i click next, - this is what comes up. I have tried everything, looking up device...
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    Plantronics RIG500HD problem

    Hello guys. I am having a problem with my new Plantronics RIG500HD USB headphones. They have a really low volume and the microphone is recording other people's voices, youtube videos etc. I believe this is an error. I pumped up the sound on my game and on windows to 100% aswell. At the same time...
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    Audio Sync Problem (Need Help)

    Hello, I'll start from the beginning: I have got this new PC a couple months ago after an older one which I used for gaming and making YouTube videos. After getting this new PC and getting it started with it's startup and audio drivers, etc. I have started editing a video and I have noticed the...
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    Sennheiser G4ME ONE Problems.

    So I had just recently purchased Sennheiser Game Ones about 4 days ago and had only used them for about 3 hours before switching back to my G930's due to really bad audio issues. The volume would randomly fluctuate whilst shooting a gun in CS:GO or BF4, even switching channels in Teamspeak...
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    Sony Vegas Pro 12 audio problem. No audio in clips!? peak building.

    I recently recorded some Skyrim gameplay using dxtory. When I went to drag the file into sony vegas it doesn't even build any peaks and I don't have any existing peak files. There is no audio when I play it. No it isn't muted or anything. I played the file in windows media player and It was...
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    Headset Audio Problem

    Hey guys, I have recently just bought the new(ish) Sennheiser PC 363D headset and rigged it all up with the USB sound card and all the stuff it says but when i play a game or test my sound, it goes through the wrong ear. For instance, if I go into my playback devices and configure the surround...