Is G75VW-AH71 easy to upgrade? How is the G75VW-AH71 gaming performance?

Bella Shepard

Jul 18, 2013
Is G75VW-AH71 easy to upgrade? How is the G75VW-AH71 gaming performance?

I at first bought G750JW-BBI7N05 at best buy. And Skyrim worked without any issues. I returned back because I saw a better one at Amazon called G750JW-DB71. But with G750JW-DB71 I had low FPS play Skyrim and I had alot of stuttering. I do not know if G750JW-DB71 was defected or if it had another issue but I decided to return it back to Amazon.

G750JW-BBI7N05 at best buy worked flawless and G750JW-DB71 had issues. I do not understand how a better laptop could not play Skyrim. I even tried it on low setting and still got 19-20 FPS.

I am looking for a really good gaming laptop to play Skyrim and Sims 3 with all expansion packs. Also does anyone have this G75VW-AH71 and play Skyrim and Sims 3 on High? If so what is the games FPS?

Now I would just buy G750JW-BBI7N05 again but I heard that the motherboard is soldered to the laptop. While G75VW-AH71 is not soldered. Is that true can I replace the motherboard of G75VW-AH71? Also is the graphic card replaceable? I am asking just in case my motherboard stops working after warranty expires.

Hey Bella (I'll spare you the Twilight reference─ oops too late :p),

Laptops are more or less never easy to upgrade. They don't adhere to the same form factor standards that desktop computers do, and then there is often the issue of firmware conflicts.

From the specs I see, they (the two G750JWs) should run the game near identically. They both appear to have the same CPU + GPU, and the 4 GB of RAM difference is negligible in this case. Looking at the benchmark for Skyrim with a G750JW, you should score over 30 FPS on Ultra graphics settings:

The board is held in the chassis by screws - not soldered - so it can technically be removed as long as you have time and a Philips screwdriver. The graphics card, on the other hand... I can't remember if Asus solders it to the board or if it's removable, but I recall Asus using a proprietary form factor. Basically, if it goes bad, it goes to Asus for service.