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    Solved! Does model year matter if specs are identical?

    You recommend the TCL Roku TV 55p607. Best Buy is selling 2017 version of 65", same specs except screen size, at $499. Is there any reason to think the 2017 model wouldn't be just as good? It's called the "4 Series" versus the "6 Series" in the model you recommended. Thanks much
  2. S

    Best Budget laptop under $650?

    Hello, I am from India and I would appreciate Tom's community's help. 1. What is your budget? Would prefer under Rs45000 (roughly $650). Lesser the better. 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? Between 14 & 15.6 inch screen. 3. What screen resolution do you want...
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    Solved! I got my ASUS laptop about March or April of this year.

    I had purchased a new ASUS laptop for about 600 dollars at a Best-Buy, in March of this year. I first started having problems with the laptop randomly shutting off about June; the tech guy said I was always charging it so the battery doesn't work. I thought "Alright" I got the battery replaced...
  4. S

    Can I still use my Bose 3 2 1 surround sound

    We have a Bose 3 2 1 surround sound that sounds great, probably because we don’t hardly use it. I’m looking for a new 65” 4K tv for my husbands Christmas Gift. I went to Best Buy today and explained what I had and that I had read this thread on connecting the Bose to my new TV. The sales...
  5. S

    Brand New HP Envy X360 Won’t Turn on

    Just recently picked up the HP Envy x360 for Black Friday from Best Buy. Used it the first night while charging (then took the charger out), didn’t use it yesterday, and now I can’t power on the laptop. When I plug in the charger, there is no light indicator at all. Any idea what’s going on?
  6. X

    Opinions on Gaming Laptop

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a new gaming laptop to buy and after a small research I have made, I am considering buying the HP Omen X Laptop 17 ap008nn. I would like your opinion on this certain model based on its specifications and on your experience with it, if someone owns it. Please do...
  7. N

    Should I buy this laptop for gaming?

    Should I buy this laptop for gaming? Dell/i7-8750h/GTX1050/15.6inch/8GB ram/1T HDD & 128GB SSD/fingerprint /no disk reader? Price on sale for the next 12hrs: $1067 in KSA so it's normally pricier than in the US. Currently own an HP pavilion with 8ram,1tb hdd, 840m and i7-4500U (for like 4...
  8. T

    4k UHD blu ray?

    Sorry if this is a bad place for this post but I was unsure of where to post it So my question is I want to buy this version of the Avengers from best buy. It is a 4K UHD Blu ray. It comes with the disc and a digital copy. So my...
  9. O

    Searching for a light 4000 euros 15.6" laptop - MSI WS63VR 7RL - HP ZBook Studio G3 Mobile Workstation - MS Surface Book 2

    Hello. I don't know much about computers and hardware. I'm searching for a laptop with the following characteristics: Operating System: Windows 10 (not Mac OS, not Linux) Budget: between 3400 euros and 4600 euros Weight: as light as possible, ideally no more than 2 kg Screen size: preferably...
  10. T

    Solved! Gaming Laptop around 3000e

    Hello friends, I am looking for HD gaming laptoop. Performance and price is the most important. If you can discuss little bit about these devices which I am looking for. choice number 1: MSI GT83VR 6RE Titan SLI GTX 1070SLI...
  11. S

    Gpu and cpu comparison

    So I am confused between two laptops. One is Dell G3 15 3579 which has 8th gen Intel i5 8300h and gtx 1050, while other is helios 300 with 7th gen i5 7300 HQ and 1050 Ti card. The difference in their cost is about 80 dollars(dell being costlier). And I have no idea what matches with what. I...
  12. A

    Need to buy a laptop before July 6th, HELP needed.

    Hello, guys, I'm from India and I got my relatives staying at Irvine, California and I want them to bring new Dell G7 with 128gb SSD n 1TB HDD, but they have their flight on July 7th. Where will I be able to get the particular laptop? I think the variant with just the 256gb SSD is available at...
  13. henrytcasey

    What Is Best Buy’s $200 Total Tech Support, And Is It Worth It?

    Best Buy's new subscription service calls itself Total Tech Support, but it's missing a crucial device, making us wonder about its value. What Is Best Buy’s $200 Total Tech Support, And Is It Worth It? : Read more
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    Need help on deciding between two notebooks please

    Hi all, a friend is travelling to Hong Kong in a few days and I will buy a notebook there and send it to his hotel. I've been checking Fortress (store) online to see what I could find. I've come across these two laptops: ACER Aspire E5 575G-53WS and ACER Aspire E E5-576G-54U0 Does anyone...
  15. M

    8th generation i7 laptop with 2 graphic cards?? is it worth it?? need help deciding

    Well I've been looking for a laptop for a while, the specifications are HP intel i7 8550U 2Ghz with turbo 4Ghz 16GB RAM Intel UHD Graphics 620, radeon 530 1TB storage and 15.6 touch screen it costs about 720$ is it worth it?? the offer is ending soon so i need a response as soon as possible...
  16. G

    Solved! How Do I Find Out If My Laptop Is Used? Active Disk Editor Question

    I bought a Dell laptop at Best Buy, under the impression that what I was purchasing was brand new. Though, when I accessed an educational website (My Math Lab) I noticed that someone was already signed into the website. I read on some forum that you can use a program called "Active Disk...
  17. A

    HP, Dell, Lenovo.... Which one should I get!?

    Okay, so I am dealing with the fustration of searching for the "perfect laptop". I have already been to Best Buy twice and about to return my second laptop within a week. Let me start off by saying, it has been a long time since I purchased a laptop, so I have been out of the loop, I have done...
  18. E

    Which laptop should i buy?

    I have to buy a new laptop and I have two choices. HP PRO BOOK 6560 B (– CORE i-5 gen 2 2520M 2,5GHZ – Max Turbo Frequency 3,2 GHZ – Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology Yes – RAM 4 GB – HDD 320 GB – Intel HD 3000 1.7 GB SHARE 15,6 INCH HD1600×900). Or DELL LATITUDE E6420 Profesional...
  19. T

    New HP15....shuts down randomly......went back to Best Buy......number 2 did the same thing....NOW,,,,number THREE is starting

    Random shut down on HP 15's. Third one in 4 weeks and still doing it!!
  20. 7

    Dell 5480 - highest spec laptop new - RRP £2100

    Product Details: Intel Core i7-7820HQ (7th Gen) @ 2.90 GHz 14 Inch screen FHD touchscreen (1920 X 1080) Intel HD graphics 16 GB RAM, 256GB solid state drive (SSD) NVMe 10 point multitouch display ​​​​​​​ Ports: 3 USB 3.0 (one with PowerShare) 1 RJ-45 1 HDMI 1 VGA 1 External uSIM card...
  21. Maineman

    Need advice on new surround sound A/V receiver

    We need to replace our Samsung A/V R-720 after 10 years. Apparently Samsung does not make surround sound A/V receivers anymore, correct? Any suggestions? Best Buy tells me Denon and Onkyo are their best sellers but that doesn't always mean best quality. I have always been partial to Sony or...
  22. S

    Need help to find the find the best budget laptop for my parents

    Hi everyone, I want to buy a new laptop for my parents because their old laptop is working very slowly and laggy and it would be a nice birthday present. They would only use the laptop for everyday tasks like net surfing, watching movies, using Microsoft Office so just simple things. 1...
  23. F

    Solved! Should we buy Intel brands from HP, Toshiba, Dell, or Asus/BestBuy: ASUS Q551L

    I purchased a Toshiba laptop and it started crashing the first two weeks (blue screen), I was new to win 7 and ignored it, since it was rare. 8 months later the whole mother board went dead; and I shelved it; forgetting about my warranty; since I was otherwise employed. A year later, I ran a...
  24. S

    Solved! Best phone of these 3

    Hello guys I am planning on buying a new smartphone...and my choices are..Sony XZ.....HUAWEI HONOR 9 AND ONE PLUS 3. I am going to use it for gaming and taking photos...i would also like a good which one is the best for me...they are all at the same price...Please help me.Thanks in...
  25. A

    Laptop for work.

    Hello there guys :)). So I am searching for a good home/office laptop but dont know what exactly to get.... I am 17 years old so I am going to college soon and I will need a laptop to keep up till I graduate (hopefully ). And so I've stopped on a laptop with these specs: CPU: I3-6006U RAM: 8GB...
  26. S

    Searching for new laptop in $1000 - $1500 range

    I would like to buy a laptop in the $1000 to $1500 range. I do plenty of Microsoft Office, especially Excel work, AutoCAD modelling, and programming but I am okay with 1920x1080 display. I am not looking to game with my laptop and I am expecting 6 hours or longer without charge. What are the...
  27. T

    Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Randomly Shuts Down and Restarts

    Hey, I just recently bought a new Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming during black friday from Best Buy. It has been randomly shutting down on me and restarting with no warning. It is typically not hot during these times, so I don't think it's overheating. Any ideas for a fix?
  28. K

    Solved! Mouse pad program?

    So I just bought an open boxed Asus laptop from Best Buy. Seems good until I try to use the mouse pad. It's not working so I figure it's locked. I try unlocking it and I can't so I looo up various ways to do it. I've come to the conclusion that I don't have a mouse pad program? Because the touch...
  29. B

    which one should i buy?

    I am a fps player and I need a perfect audio to be able to listen to every detail and also to position any enemy just by listening to it. I came here to ask what headphones should buy. I have 200 dollars. I hope you help me make the best decision. Thanks.
  30. O

    Battery will not charge

    About five months out of warranty (Best Buy 3-year Maintenance Agreement), my battery in my p55t-a5402 Toshiba laptop quit charging. I recently lost my powerpack and adapter cords. I found a generic replacement set that is recognized by the laptop for operating purposes, but there's still no...
  31. L

    Second run TV seller

    When a tv does not get sold at say, Best Buy, it eventually gets taken off the shelf. Who sells them at that point? I think used to and are who I last purchased from, but they don't appear to be an option any more.
  32. K

    Can someone tell me the difference?

    I can't find the difference between these two laptops. I feel like they are the same but the one on Best Buy is originally cheaper. I want to make sure I know what I'm purchasing before I do buy it. The links are below. -...
  33. G

    Act Fast: Best Buy Has Amazon Echo for 50 Percent Off

    A one-day sale that price matches Amazon's Prime Day. Act Fast: Best Buy Has Amazon Echo for 50 Percent Off : Read more
  34. L

    NEED QUICK ANSWER, Please!!!

    I am living in Canada, and I'm trying to go to trip to Fargo in ND. If I order laptop in best buy us and take it from the Fargo store, when I come back to Canada, Should I pay duty or tariff between the border?
  35. GHolnyuk

    Prepaid Phones, what's the deal?

    Hello, could someone explain to me the point of prepaid phones. 1st, what is meant by "Prepaid"? I "pre"paid $80 for a Samsung J3 at Best Buy, came home, activated it on Virgin(Sprint), chose $35-5GB, and have been happy with it. But... what's the point of buying a phone at all? Best Buy has a...
  36. P

    New to laptops and would love some guidance; looking in the $400-800 range

    Hello, I have done quite a bit of looking for an affordable, solid laptop. I don't game or do graphic design work at all - the closet to gaming that I approach is playing in browser chess - so I shouldn't need crazy graphics at all. However, I work in science, and often have quite a bit of...
  37. R

    What Laptop to choose?

    Good day to everyone. I have one question for you guys,I want to buy a laptop for gaming( I know,laptops aren't for gaming ,but I can't use a PC at the universities/academies,so...) and I found two good laptops for my budget,but I can't really decide,one has 1050 Ti,which is awesome for...
  38. I

    Looking For A New Laptop For My Needs

    I hope I am posting this in the right place, eek! Hi everyone! I've been jumping around the internet all day without really getting any information. I don't make huge purchases often so I'd love some help to make sure I get the best one possible, please :) I am looking to buy a new laptop...
  39. R

    Can you help me choose which tv is better?

    So I'm trying to buy a 55 inch 4k tv for $600 dollars on Best Buy, I saw a lg 55UH615A, which has 4k hdr pro and tru-motion 120hz and 60hz native, but I also saw another tv but in this case TCL 55P605 which has 4k 55 inch 120hz and dolby vision which is better than hdr pro. Now my question is...
  40. A

    Suggestions for Laptop

    Hi, I have been looking for the best range of Laptops that meet my business as well as moderate gaming needs. Tge specification that I look forward is: Budget: Rs. 40k-55k Proccy: i5/i7 (6th/7th gen only) Ram: 8GB(Expandable upto 12 or 16GB) HDD: 1TB(Expandable) Screen size: 15 inch would be...
  41. R

    I have a Samsung UHD 4K 55" TV -- Won't Turn on-??

    I have a Samsung UHD 4K 55" TV that I bout 2 years ago I paid $3,600 for at Best Buy. I was watching it one night, then turned it off when I went to bed. In the morning I tried to turn it back on... Nothing. It won't turn back on. I have tried using a different power outlet. Still, it won't turn...
  42. L

    Laptop: Acer or Asus. Which would you choose (and why)? Incl. Specs.

    Hello all! I have a tough decision to make between Asus A541UJ VS Acer Aspire v15 V5-591G. I will be using the machine for all-tasks, but mostly development and virtual machines. Processor Asus has a newer processor (i7-7500U) Acer has an older, but more powerful processor (i7-6700HQ) Storage...
  43. Share2Care

    Best IEMs for Bass Types of Music - EDM, House, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Liquid Varieties - £100-£300 Budget

    Aloha Ladies & Gents. I am happy to spend up to/around £300 for the right pair of IEMs. I have saved up for these so getting the right pair is really important to me.So looking to invest in a pair of IEMs that can deliver an earth shattering amount of beautiful clean bass. All types of bass but...
  44. M

    Choosing Which Laptop I Should Buy

    There are two laptops that I am looking at currently, they are ASUS and MSI models.
  45. J

    Home theater best buy

    I m going to buy HT for my lg 42 smart 3d tv im seriously doubt between products can you guys help me to buy it Samsung HT J5550WK Sony BDV E4100 Lg BH6340H What is the best sound system and which super quality and with highest durability of the quality and sounds Please help me ASAP
  46. F

    Second opinion on selling laptop for nintendo switch

    I own a alienware 17 2015 model. I normally use it for going to my friends house once a week. I do already own a beast gaming PC at home that I play online with my friend. So selling my laptop would only remove mobility. when I go to my friends house we go out for lunch and play card games now...
  47. N

    1060 or 1070

    Just bought an alienware 17 with 1060 with 6gb and 256 pcie. But I went to Best Buy and they had the same model for $100 more and it comes with the 1070 8gb and 128 Samsung ssd. Should I return it and get this one, but it also said at Best Buy that they are limited?
  48. pRoMiT

    Selling my laptop

    Ok, so I'm building a gaming PC soon, and I'm using a Dell 7547 laptop as my main driver right now. I don't see any use of this laptop after I build my PC, so I'm planning on selling it. I was wondering how much I could sell it for considering the specs. I went on the best buy trade in website...
  49. D

    Anyone recommend a cheap laptop under £100 for general work use and web browsing (second hand).

    Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone could recommend any second hand laptops under £100 with around 4GB of ram and a pentium or above? I'm in the UK and need it for general work such as word processing and internet usage as my last laptop just died on me (unrepairable). Thought you guys might...
  50. H

    Toshiba Satellite Radius Design Flaw

    I purchased a Toshiba Satellite laptop about 10 months ago from Best Buy. I was happy with this PC until the LCD display started to delaminate from the top lid. The display starts to separate from the top lid down by the plastic hinges, because of the friction from the hinge while closing the...
  51. G

    HDMI ARC TLC Smart TV from Best buy

    What soundbar will work with this TV were the sound can be adjusted with the TV's remote. I have a 88 year old mother that does not like more than one remote. I bought a smart TV (TLC) from Best Buy. The small TV speakers are not very good. She is sitting about 12-15 foot away. So I thought a...
  52. Cataloony

    Which headset should i buy?

    Hi Looking for high-end headset -comfortable -long gaming session -good quality Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1X Open Air High-Fidelity Gaming Headset Sennheiser PC 373D
  53. A

    Purchasing new headsets

    Hi all! Need a lil help.Want to buy new headsets, but realy dont know which could be the best buy for mine bugget.I'll share link of one supplier, please share your opinions here for best buy for 6.000 max(thats ~50e). P.S.- Brands...
  54. L

    Best Buy Laptops

    1. What is your budget? Nothing too crazy, so let's say around $1,500 - $2,000. Although if I get a laptop based on not revolving around gaming, I doubt it will be this high! 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 15.6 or 17.1 3. What screen resolution do you want...
  55. K

    ASUS X540SA won't turn on

    So I bought this laptop a few months back from Best Buy. 2-3 weeks after I bought it I got a blue screen.I brushed it off and figured it'd be a one time occurrence. Occasionally after it had given me a few blue screens, which had concerned me since it was a brand new laptop. Tonight I was...
  56. G

    Which Return Policy Is Best? Amazon vs. Walmart vs. Best Buy vs. Target

    It's no fun returning a gift (or knowing that a gift you gave is being returned), but it happens. Here are the best and worst retail return policies. Which Return Policy Is Best? Amazon vs. Walmart vs. Best Buy vs. Target : Read more
  57. H

    Buy, Build, help needed on spec

    Hi I seem to either have terrible luck or have very bad choices and have gone though a HP, Dell, Toshiba and Acer Aspire laptop in the last 5 years. They seem to just give up and die, mainly a motherboard (and usually unresolvable issue). I always have some sort of virus protection but not sure...
  58. htc fan

    What laptop should I get?

    Best Buy is going be replacing my laptop So, it needs to be available at Best Buy. I'm going be using it for school work mostly, (engineering ) and maybe some gaming. ( I already have a gaming desktop,so not a requirement). Mostly needs a great display and decent battery life. My previous laptop...
  59. T

    Selling my old laptop, best/cheapest way to "sanitize" it??

    So I recently picked up a sweet deal on a 2016-era laptop from Best buy, and so i no longer need my old laptop. This is a 2012 era laptop that is still a solid performer. Only problem is, I don't really know how to "properly" delete my personal data (as in, make it unrecoverable). There is a...
  60. S

    New sound speakers

    I am looking to buy some new speakers so I wanted some help... I am between these two which one should I get...???