Nov 18, 2017
Hello there guys :)). So I am searching for a good home/office laptop but dont know what exactly to get.... I am 17 years old so I am going to college soon and I will need a laptop to keep up till I graduate (hopefully ). And so I've stopped on a laptop with these specs:

CPU: I3-6006U
HDD: 1000GB
15.6 ''
GPU: AMD Radeon R5 M430

I basically don't know much about laptop;s CPU;s but it's an I3 so i guess its fine ? My biggest dillema is , is the i3-6006U better than the Pentium N4200 ? I searched in the internet a few days ago and saw that some guy said : ''The N4200 is full of garbage dog sh*t pls avoide it''. And so I got the impression that it's a garbage cpu and didn't care afterwards about it untill today... When I searched in google ''i3-6006U vs N4200'' I was expecting the i3 to crush the pentium but it wasn't the result I expected to see.... I checked in CPU boss, technical.city, and I saw that the difference it's not like the price between both of them... My point is that I can save like 100$ and buy N4200 but I don't know will it be worth it.. So I just wanna ask this :

// Which cpu is better : The N4200 or i3-6006U ( which will do me better job for 5-6 years in the future )
// What's the best laptop for 350-400$ ( I wont play any games on it so even if the GPU is garbage no problem''
Thanks for your time !! Any help is appreciate 8)