Which Return Policy Is Best? Amazon vs. Walmart vs. Best Buy vs. Target

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Dec 27, 2008
"Based on all of those metrics, companies such as Walmart and Target might offer the best experience."

I call BS on this! I bought a smart TV on Walmart's Black Friday sale. I thought I'd replace my 40" Samsung TV I got a couple of years earlier at a Best Buy Black Friday sale. Was completely happy with this purchase at Best Buy and is still a sweet TV! Anyway what happened with the Walmart purchase was that I got notice at the end of the month that place where I've been living at for over 25 yrs got sold. So I thought I'd better wait till I find out what's going to happen around here. Well before they even got my first rent check, everyone with a place here got a notice of a rent increase of over 50%. So I said screw this, I'm looking for another place. Good thing the TV was never opened right? I called the 800 number on my receipt and I was told not to worry, I got 90 days.

So I figured I'll just post this on Craigslist and see if someone wants it. I even bought a "Walmart 3 year Service Plan". The price I asked was about $25 over the price I paid for it. NOT ONE PERSON RESPONDED! So I went ahead and brought it back, and never opened it, so figured it would be no problem, right? This was on the 15th, 21 days from the date on the receipt. First thing they said at the store was that it was late on getting a refund! They said for smart TVs I have to return it with in 15 days! I was ready to go ballistic! I told them about my call to the 800 number and what I was told. They asked who I talked to? I basically said "the person that answers that 800 phone!" Also I happen to have called twice, cause I was trying to figure out what exactly a "Walmart 3 year Service Plan" is. When I bought the TV, the sales pitch was that it was just like a 3 year warranty. The sales person said that the TV had a 1 year warranty. So I said sure, I'll take that too. Why the receipt stated a "3 year Service Plan". I was trying to figure out why isn't it called a "3 year warranty" and on the 800 call they said it's the same thing. Why they call it a service plan instead of a warranty is beyond me! I was just trying to get this clear in my ad on CL too.

So in my return to the store, they were trying to tell me to get my money back I would have to do it through this Service Plan since it was past this 15 days. They also stated that I should have seen this notice in the Electronics Dept. I told them I never went to the Electronics Dept! I saw this TV on the front page of their store flier and was told I would have to get in line the frozen food area.

So everyone bought their electronics through this line. They got their paper work, went to the front of the store, paid for their items. I'm pretty sure all the big electronics on the Black Friday special was that they paid for the items, then went to the back of the store to pick up the items. So really no one actually was able to examine the items and read the boxes for any questions they might have. I took my TV from the back of the store and got it home.

So after being a big A-hole after hearing their crap, and tell you truth I thought I was going to be taking them to court! I even pulled out my cellphone and started to record them. After the I guess manager and who knows who else I talked to, went to behind the wall to talk about how to proceed, one of the lower classed plain worker opened the box to make sure the item was the correct item. I got the money credited to my credit card. No "thank you" or "have a nice day" or "we wish you a Merry Xmas" or ANYTHING! They just said "here is your receipt for the return". The only way I could have left the store more PO'ed is if they weren't refunding me!
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