Stuck in the 'What to choose' loop :(


Jun 14, 2011
We've all been there, those headaches from looking up laptops and comparing specs.. I've finally been able to make a short list of a couple of laptops.
I only just returned a laptop I bought so I'm hoping this one is for good!
It'll be used as a general laptop, Internet, TV shows, casual gaming (Dirt 3, FM13, Skyrim)
My budget CAN stretch to £500ish, providing it's a 'major' upgrade.

Decided to go and buy the cheaper one. Save the costs for ym desktop. I need to stop changing my mind so much! - **1080p** **this is an interesting one, few years old but nice specs?** **That's stretching my budget to the point where my pockets dying of starvation.
Cheaper option which would allow me to upgrade to an ssd, or use the money for my desktop.
I believe the 6770m can run Dirt 3 on high at 30+ fps according to Notebook Check. also plays skyrim in medium I believe.