Needing help about tech specs to run skyrim well


Nov 4, 2015
I am not a super techy person, so I really just want some opinions about what kinds of things (tech specs) to look for when buying a laptop for gaming, because I'm not completely sure what to look for. How much memory do I need, etc?
Or do you have any positive experience with a laptop running Skyrim, as well as mods?
Is it worth going a little bit cheaper for a laptop that might not run Skyrim on ultra, but still run well? What are your thoughts?
What to look for:

Quad Core Intel CPU.
Geforce GTX 950M or higher.
8GB of RAM
Standard size notebook, the ultra thin gaming notebooks overheat like crazy.

I have no experience with Skryim, however if you get something along these lines it will defiantly run that game well (not at ultra though).


Jun 8, 2013
To add onto Techy's response my 870M runs it well at ultra so for high details 960M + is needed.

If you can fork out for it the best value for price to performance is 970M, GE series from MSI are good value and don't suffer from thermal throttling.