Apr 12, 2013
My laptop fan is always on (80%)
The laptop fan doesnt want to turn off even if there is nothing running.
The fan is really loud on boot and turns off 30mins after startup.
The laptop is 4 weeks old.
The laptop model: msi ge70 onc
I did a scan with avast,malware bytes,hitman pro,tdsskiller they didnt show any virus.
The fan is sooo sensitive that when I open firefox the fan goes to 100%
My battery life lasts for 1-2h no wonder why....

Ps: All the time the fan releases cold air. What should I do?
Video of the fan:
Sorry for the bad quality because my internet upload speed is very slow.
You get 1-2h battery life because it's a gaming laptop with a 17.3" screen. That's common across all gaming laptops.

Cold air is good also, btw: it means your system isn't getting hot. :)

You should be able to control the fan with the hotkeys or other software. It's probably revving high in Firefox because Firefox uses hardware acceleration.