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    Where i can get driver for my printer

    hello there, i want driver for my printer but not the driver which are released for series for that printer. i want printer specific driver my printer is HP deskjet F2280(all-in-one) plz help me
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    How can I connect my android phone to hp deskjet all in one

    I have no internet but need to connect phone with priner
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    alignment page will not print on deskjet 1510

    My Deskjet 1510 printer will not print an alignment page after cartridges are inserted. Any help?
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    how can I get a HP Deskjet 1050 to work on my Toshiba laptop, the laptop is only 2 weeks old

    How can I get my HP Deskjet 1050 printer to work non my Toshiba laptop? Help?
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    Hp deskjet 3550 printer driver for windows 7

    how to download the software
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    Printers 3050 and 1000 deskjet

    I do have 2 printers mencioned above worked for short times then at the moment, I can not print wigth the two Error messages, DNS. paper jam, not able to unistall Functioning D11 some times poor printing, taking 20 minutes to print poorly and bad page. Atte.Dion
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    Solved! Can I hook up an hp deskjet 970 cxi to a laptop

    Hello, How do I hook up an HP DeskJet 970 cxi to a laptop? The printer has been hooked up to an old desktop computer with a cord with big connections.
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    WinXP driver for HP DeskJet 1125C

    i need the installation driver for hp 1125c desklet printer for windows 7
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    Hp cartridge no 344 error

    Hello, I have bought hp tri-colour ink for HP deskjet 6980 printer but light is flashing to say no colour ink installed. I have taken out cartridge and replaced but still flashing. Help
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    Hp desk jet 3325 driver for windows 7

    Hello, I require hp deskjet 3325 driver for windows 7. can you help me
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    Driver for hp deskjet 810 c for win 7

    Hello, hp deskjet 810 c driver for win 7
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    HP DeskJet Print Fade

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I have a Hewlett Packard DeskJet 882c. It uses c1823d (23) color and 51645a (45) black ink cartridriges. All of my prints have faded (went off hue) in about 1 year. Question.. Is there any coating or other method for preventing...
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    WinXP driver for HP DeskJet 1125C

    Please HELP I got problems on my HP DeskJet 1125C on Windows XP, I cant find driver for Windows XP, so i install Win2000 driver but it doesnt work. anyone send me driver for winXP?? or where i cn download it.