Printers 3050 and 1000 deskjet


Dec 7, 2012
I do have 2 printers mencioned above worked for short times
then at the moment, I can not print wigth the two
Error messages, DNS. paper jam, not able to unistall
Functioning D11 some times poor printing, taking 20 minutes
to print poorly and bad page.
you did not say what printer had bad printing issue and what printer had the paper jam. inkjet 1000 any inkjet printer that you dont print with it daily the ink will go bad and jell. that why there are exp dates on ink cartridges. you can try and fix an hp ink tank that has the built in print heads. to get the dry slug off the print heads use some rubbing alcohol that 98/100 that has low water in it.use a towel that not going to leave lint or fall apart when you run the print heads. put the cartridge back in do a few print head cleanings and then use some scrap paper and check to see that all the print head are spraying. the 3050 uses a sealed toner when it gets low or if you put your finger on the green transfur roller or have a staple scratch it or label glue on it or cut or damage the fuser roller on a lazer printer you get the same error on the same spot on the paper over and over and over. slow printing could be a damaged printer driver. i would uninstall both printer drivers and use hp printer driver removal tool then download the newest drivers from hp.