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  1. N

    Question How do I fix a network issue where laptop will connect to wifi extender but won't connect to internet on main wifi router?

    Im helping a friend who has an acer power one laptop. He was unable to connect to internet on his wifi but LAN worked fine. He has an extender and could access internet when connected to that but not to main wifi. I took it to my home in which I have an extender also. The same occurred in my...
  2. N

    DHCP is Enabled, But No Internet In My pc

    in my pc i click on ip adress automaticlly but it when im going back, plz help me
  3. enkidoe

    Vmware player secret dhcp

    I installed vmware player 12, but when using nat or bridge, i am getting dhcp leases from what i think is vnware's own dhcpserver. As far as i know, player hasnt got a virtual netwotk editor. Anyone who can help me with this? Thanks.
  4. T

    IP log HELP!!!

    IF someone could help me asap that'd be great, if not nbd, but I needed help reading my IP log. I need to know if someone was sending packets or whatever to my router so I would disconnect for the internet for a short period of time. I play competitive games and i'll spare you the bullshit, but...
  5. T

    Drive Pool vs Drive Bender

    Hi, I am about to set up a Windows Server, and owuld prefer to use on of the drive tools listed above, this is because I like the idea of only having certain folders duplicated. It would be great if I could get a good opinion from some people on which one I should use. I want to have two pools...
  6. kmr1154

    Need DHCP server management software for windows 7

    Hello I am looking for dhcp server management software which runs on my windows 7 laptop and lets it control all the machines connected to it through local wifi network. What i want to say is my laptop is connected to 4 other devices using home wifi, using some third party dhcp software i...
  7. I

    dhcp on seperated network

    I would like to set up my network like this and would like to know if the dhcp should be turned off on the second router? 1 Designate one router as the "root." This is the router that connects directly to the Internet connection. It does not matter which router is the root, though you may want...
  8. G

    Set up issues: Failed, no DHCP Server

    Archived from groups: alt.video.ptv.tivo (More info?) I recently moved to another town and I'm trying to redo the Tivo and I keep getting this message when I try and set it up through a router (wired)using broadband. I did it this way once and had no probs. What gives? I see the Tivo listed...
  9. G

    New router ... now network is broken!

    Archived from groups: alt.video.ptv.replaytv (More info?) Hi folks. I used to have my rtv's network connection running well. I was running a Lucent SDSL interface. Though the DHCP server was running (for guests with laptops), the rtv never seemed to be able to talk to it. I configured...
  10. G

    Dos Boot Disk

    I am having trouble getting a DHCP lease Network boot disk created with Network Client Administrator (NT Server 4). The problem is intermittent and I believe the cause is our 3rd Party, DOS based DHCP server. Anyone ever have this problem? Anyone know of a good third party utility for...