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    How to Dial Number on Latitude e6430. No dialer found in laptop.

    How to Dial Number on Latitude e6430 i dont see anything,, help ...! I have data sim enabled i want to Subscribe to a data package and for that i need a number dialer which i cant see anywhere :(
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    How to get the lock screen dialer on Android Marshmallow

    Users of Android Lollipop may remember that we had the ability to access the camera and phone directly from the lock screen. Once updated to Marshmallow, the dialer disappeared only to be replaced by voice search. I rarely use voice search, so wanted to return the dialer to its rightful place...
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    stock dialer apk 5.0.2 lg android

    were do i find a 5.0.2 updated stock dialer
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    App to enter dialer codes

    Yeah, so I have android studio installed, v.1.4 Not sure what I am doing. I have the 5 buttons that I want all set up looking all pretty, now I want to make each button open the dialer and dial the code without calling. I tried some bogus app builder that tried to call the code, so that sucked...
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    Removing a phone dialer skin

    My apologies if this sounds like a silly question, but I'm just getting to know this newly purchased (but used) pocket pc, and and learning all of its quirks. It's running WM6, and has SPB Mobile Shell, SPB Pocket Plus, and SPB Phone Suite installed, if that's of any consequence. So, here's my...