Removing a phone dialer skin


Feb 22, 2009
My apologies if this sounds like a silly question, but I'm just getting to know this newly purchased (but used) pocket pc, and and learning all of its quirks. It's running WM6, and has SPB Mobile Shell, SPB Pocket Plus, and SPB Phone Suite installed, if that's of any consequence.

So, here's my problem. Yesterday, I decided to try and get fancy with the phone, and downloaded and installed a skin for my touchpad phone dialer screen (the SPB Silver skin from this site, if that's any help: What I failed to realize was that the font color was going to be my default phone font color, which is white, and against that silver background, it is nearly impossible to see the keys.

I immediately tried to uninstall the program by going to settings > remove programs, and selecting the program name. When I did, it seemed to start the uninstall fine, and then gave me the following message:

Spb Silver Dialer Skin was not completely removed. Do you want to remove it from the list of installed programs?
I thought that maybe there was a piece of it still running somewhere, so I did a soft reset, rebooted in safe mode, and attempted to uninstall it again. Got the same message.

When I did yet another reboot, it looked as though the skin was gone from my dialer screen, since it's back to black buttons, but I can't install any other dialer skins now because they all require me to remove the previous one, which I can't get off the phone. Is there any way to find out where the rest of this program is hiding, or why I can't remove it? Seeing as how the search feature in WM6 is garbage and can't find program files, as far as I've seen, I can't locate it that way, and I've already deleted the installation .cab from my storage card. One thing to note, the program did require me to install it to the device instead of on the storage card, as I usually do with all my programs.

Is there any way to figure out how to get rid of this nasty little tidbid or will I be stuck with the skin I have forever because I can't fully uninstall the silver skin piece of garbage?


Jul 24, 2009
i had this same problem and found a solution (it works for my samsung omnia..give it a go on other phones, why not) first i disabled the phone skins all together so the default windows phone is used.
using a registry editor, go here:

Change the value "Enabled" from 1 to 0 and reboot our phone.

after that is done you now have windows factory set phone, if you like this better then your original skin, keep it, if not then go and uninstall the crappy new skin again, only this time it will work cause its not running/set as default. the phone will want to reset to complete uninstal, then upon reboot, your original phone skin will be back

success!! :D

i got the help with the registry from here :
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