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  1. rambomhtri

    My laptop beeps (motherboard) randomly

    Hi, I have an old Acer laptop. I lost the original charger, and I bought a generic one. The original charger was 19V and 3.42A, and the new one is 19V and 3.0A. The laptop works great, except a USB port is not working, and also sometimes it beeps. It happens, I think, when it is under "load"...
  2. Spike UrAss

    about refurbished tablets

    hi i want to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition throw amazon so can i get a refurbished one due the the different price between it and new ! like 100~200$ lower ?! am i going to face problems with it or it already tested and working by Samsung !!? is it worth to get the new one instead...