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  1. B

    Help With Twitter Account

    Hey guys! So, I basically had a problem with twitter recently, I tried to reach their support but it's all made of [removed] bots that redirect you to help.twitter.com... I'll explain what happened so you can (hopefully) solve this. I sent this DM to @TwitterSupport: "Hey! My main account...
  2. H

    My Facebook account was Compromised.

    When I log into facebook I see a message saying '''We’ve Detected Suspicious Account Activity'' so when I click Continue it gets me to a page saying "Something went wrong" ..I try to ''SECURE MY ACCOUNT'' and I fill all the steps (changed my password like 12816 times) ,then I delete the recent...
  3. Vox

    Kaspersky - is virus protection really disabled?

    Hey there, Is virus protection really disabled when the license expires in Kaspersky? I heard somewhere only the extra "gadgets" safe money, popup blocker, etc are disabled, so if you stick a virus-infected pendrive (for example) Kaspersky will still alert you even if the license expired. So...
  4. A

    Can't Enable Bluetooth

    Hi, I can't enable Bluetooth drive on my Acer Aspire V3-571G, after disabling it from "Device Manager". What can I do to get my Bluetooth back?
  5. L

    iPhone 4s disabled

    I recently left my iPhone unattended, and it got permanently locked. Since I recently bought the phone, I have not synced it with iTunes on my PC. I have tried restoring it by putting it into recovery mode and restoring it, but when I turned it back on after that, it was still disabled. Is there...