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  1. F

    Question HP Envy DV7 won't turn on after disassembly, removing the cable that connects it to its screen and reassembly

    Hello, Hope all is well for yourself and your families in these strange times. I bought a malfunctioning HP Envy DV7 for $20. The screen stays black after you turn it on, but it still works (or rather, worked, see below) fine if you connect it to an external monitor. I opened it following a...
  2. A

    Question Replace power jack on Dell Vostro 131 - looking for help with disassembly

    Found this laptop in a trash room a few days ago, all looks good and well so i'm thinking to turn it into a HTPC. One issue though, the power jack gives off a pretty nasty static sound every once in a while when plugging it in or out so i'm thinking it needs to be replaced/re-soldered. But for...
  3. Seth L

    How does the community disassemble laptops without damaging the case?

    Title. How do you guys do it? I always seem to damage the crap out of the shells when I pulled a laptop's shell apart. What do you guys use? I'm new to disassembling laptops. I use a flathead screw driver(and you guys are probably looking at this like 'this guy's dumb haha') however, I've heard...
  4. J

    Laptop not turning on, behaving strangely instead

    I will write every detail that I can in the second part, but here's a summary. I have a Samsung laptop, which is 4 years old. I disassembled it today, to clean it, and built it back. It turned on wonderfully, everything worked. Then I restarted it, because it said that it should update. Then it...
  5. K

    How to disassembly the LG P430 Laptop (at least remove the first plastic case)?

    Hello guys, I have a laptop from LG ( model LG P430-K.BE44P1(7465) ). It has almost 3 years and I think that it is starting to overheat, so I thought about opening its backcase and at least blowing away the dust stored there. My problem is that I really don't know how to remove the bottom...
  6. N

    Acer Extensa 2510 disassembly

    I recently got an Acer Extensa EX2510-56ZP laptop and I wanted to upgrade the memory and swap out the hard drive with a SSD. The issue I'm having is that the laptop doesn't have any visible maintenance hatch on the bottom. There are screws however across the entire width and length of the bottom...
  7. Danteu

    asus g74sx disassembly and cleaned no longer posting

    my girlfriend and I took apart her asus g74sx because it was idling at 80c. when we took it apart it became apparent to us that the thermal paste had been completely dried out. We then reapplied thermal paste to the cpu and gpu and put it back together. The fans are spinning and working but...
  8. A

    WiFi & Power Button Problems after Disassembling Laptop

    Hi all, I disassembled my Asus N43SL yesterday to clean the fan, reapply the thermal paste, and upgrade the RAM. I followed the disassembly manual here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/96685660/how-to-disassemble-your-n43-series and didn't encounter any major problems during the disassembly and...
  9. P

    Asus Repair-Disassembly Manual for K52

    Hi!!! I need a Asus Repair-Disassembly Manual for K52, anyone can help me??