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    Question How to Find Which Component is bottlenecking a Program?

    If I am running a program or more specifically, a game, how do I know that which component(CPU/GPU/Disk) is affecting the gameplay? Please Explain in detail with examples.. Thank You
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    Question Gaming PC suddenly extremely slow during boot (No startup programs are allowed) - Please Read All

    Hello, I have a Lenovo Legion Y530-15ICH gaming laptop. Recently, particularly after a Windows Update caused a black screen desktop (ironically fixed via another Windows update) boot times have been upwards of 4-5 minutes, when it was previously near 45 seconds. I have no idea what the...
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    Solved! Creating a disk with drivers

    Hello, today I decided to reinstall and format my laptop but realized that I have lost my disk with drivers. So, after a short check I found the drivers for my laptop Aspire F5-572G but the list is a bit confusing. The problem is that there are more than one driver for some of the things and I...
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    Why is new Dell i7 laptop so slow?

    My new Dell Inspiron 7779 with the following specs is super slow. It takes almost 2–3 seconds to open windows explorer and 10 seconds to open Skype. When I installed Adobe Acrobat Reader, my PC went not responding for about 2 minutes. Disk often goes 100% in Task Manager after I open a program...
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    how to recover photos from a drive that is formatted twice?

    Can anyone tell me, How to recover photos from a drive that is formatted twice. Thank you
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    HP Evny Latop - 100% Disk Usage all the time

    I bought a Hp Envy Laptop last year and it has all ways been slow every now and then weirdly stopping working and it was only today I noticed that my Disk Usage is constantly 95% and above. I used to work in a computer shop myself doing repairs so I regularly defrag and clean my files on top the...