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  1. F

    Solved! Dolby Atmos or EAC3 Soundbar for MacBook

    Hi Guys, I wanna know if there is a setup that can allow me to hookup my MacBook to a sound bar and I can get 5.1 or Atmos sound ?
  2. X

    Solved! Compatibility of LG Soundbar with Samsung TV and Dolby settings

    Good morning. I have a soundbar, LG model LAS551H, connected to a Samsung TV, model 49MU6290. I have the soundbar connected to the TV via HDMI ARC. When I go into the TV settings for the soundbar the only Dolby choice is DTS Neo 2.5. The other Dolby choices are grayed out. I am not too...
  3. luzhun

    What is the BEST setup for SPDIF Dolby Digital Audio?

    Hello. Here are the specs of the PC: OS: Windows 7 Pro 64 bit Sound Card: Sound Blaster Zx - PCI x4 slot Speaker System: 2 Logitech Z-5500 surround sound systems hooked to an optical splitter Cabling: THX Certified Fiber Optic Cables going out of the Z5500 Control pods into an optical splitter...
  4. D

    Smart TV stutters when playing high bitrate audio

    Hello there, I tried to search this question on this forum/google but couldn´t find the answer so I actually made an account to ask it. So I have a Samsung Smart TV and I play videos from an USB stick plugged in it. The problem is, when I play files with high bitrate audio the TV sometimes...
  5. J

    What software do I need to get my PC to play TrueHD or the equivalent DTS?

    My current set up is: Audio is being outputted from my PC (Asrock Extreme 4 b3) using the onboard audio chip. I have a S/PDIF connection going from the optical port on the motherboard to the optical on my Pioneer VSX-517 A/V receiver. I'm using Realtek HD Audio Drive version Here's...