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  1. P

    Lenovo laptop keep typing the number 2 all the time with whatever word I am trying to type, plus it also types kkkk or mmmm an

    Need help fixing error problems and programming problems. Error fix at the beginning of start-up won't work. Laptop not old laptop has not had any liquids dropped into the keyboard no crumbs. It seems to happen after I play YoWorld a lot. Seems odd that this would happen. When typing computer...
  2. Z

    Batch File Compilation

    Hi all, I'm trying to write a simple batch file for nslookup. But instead of typing nslookup I want a prompt asking me what domain name I'm trying to do a nslookup on. This may seem a bit lazy or what not but it's a stepping stone to what I really want to do with menus and...
  3. J

    Need help with bat file.

    Im maing a bat file RPG and im creating the text that tells you health and other game variables. so when i set the variables it will not show in the actual text when i run the file. Heres what the file looks like: @Echo off color 02 Echo...
  4. A

    how to reset my kurio 7 it wont change

    hello people my kurio wont charge at all.everytime i plug it in it just doesnt work but im had it since i dont know what to didnt since six day and i want to play game what can i do answer me back i say comment or just say notes for wht to do GOOD-BYE i dont believe my eyes my...
  5. topazoo

    Alienware M17x won't boot

    Today I was trying to revert my Alienware's bios back to the A04 bios to remove the downclocking functionality on the gpu. After I reverted the bios, I changed some of the settings in the bios, mainly the gpu throttle temp (which I thought it wouldn't have) and made a few other tweaks which i...
  6. A

    batch file will not copy needed files

    this is the code i am using an di can not seem to get it to copy the files i need @echo off Color a md %~d0\networksettings md %~d0\networksettings\wireless md %~d0\networksettings\wired cd/ copy "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Wlansvc\Profiles\Interfaces\*.xml"...