Lenovo laptop keep typing the number 2 all the time with whatever word I am trying to type, plus it also types kkkk or mmmm an


Apr 13, 2017
Need help fixing error problems and programming problems. Error fix at the beginning of start-up won't work.
Laptop not old laptop has not had any liquids dropped into the keyboard no crumbs. It seems to happen after I play YoWorld a lot. Seems odd that this would happen. When typing computer will go crazy with the number 2 and just type 2222 and it keeps running with the 2 and no other letter or number Startup is funny too when laptop first starts it makes a boing sound until I press any key to make it stop. There is a static box around the volume button and that won't stop until I press any key. Run an anti-virus and an anti-malware constantly and it isn't it. Yeah I know right? And when I type words the number 2 types between letters. Help trying to do a project and can't do it.