Laptop Keyboard Wont Type Numbers and Another Keyboard Connected To Laptop via USB Port Types Double Different Letters


Dec 23, 2014
This is the problem in the Keyboard Connected via USB Port I was just playing Far Cry 4 when suddenly i began feeling that when i try to change my gun it wont then if i move downwards im going down-left and after i quit the game i was gonna type something it types double letters and numbers but it was only for the keys 1 2 q w a s z x.this is the example

when i press 1=21
strange!when im typing the "when i press" the keys 1 w s x were suddenly fixed but was broken again

This is the problem in my laptop keyboard i cant type numbers and any keys aligned with it except for the num lock keys.It didnt happened before it happened when i was trying to search for a fix in the my other keyboard the problem in the top.




Jan 28, 2019
i have a similar problem, laptop keyboard won’t type some numbers and letters and now it types double different letters/numbers instead of just 1 when i press many letters/numbers of the keyboard, like when i press 2 it types 32, same for 3 it types 32, i types iu, w types ew, same with e it types ew, s and d type ds, y types ]y and so on... :( i think we both need to replace our keyboards, wich is a pretty complicated process, search "Removing and Replacing the Keyboard //your laptop model// ", i found a youtube clip for my laptop model:

HP ProBook 4530s Notebook PC - Removing and Replacing the Keyboard

i read it could also be a problem with the motherboard, in wich case is a very complicated situation, we need to take the laptop to a service to replace the motherboard. in Romania this costs about 80 dollars.

good luck and take care.

ps 1: it took me very long to write this simple text, i literally had to copy/paste almost every letter from a text file that i filled with many letters, it was horrible. damn it, why this life has to be so hard???

ps 2: i also CANT PLAY GAMES WITH A FAULTY KEYBOARD.. :) who could?
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