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  1. D

    Solved! Help! Registry Errors .Net Fx not working :(

    I installed some registry cleaner software, it messed up with the registry it hasn't done any backup of the original registry / I have no backup or system restore point / :/ Also most windows apps cant load I've attached some sreenshots I appriciate if anyone can guide me to troubleshoot the...
  2. S

    BSOD win32kfull errors.

    BSOD win32kfull.sys errors, among many others. I need some help fixing my computer? I'm also getting very frequent BSOD errors, including service system error, PFN_LIST_CORRUPT, registry error, win32base.sys, Memory managment, driver_irql_less_or_equal. Plus others. please help. Ive tried...
  3. B

    Wrong Action in Windows Explorer

    I have Windows 7 Home premium - Following a recent Windows update (I think) when in Windows Explorer, and I double click a FOLDER in the right panel, Paint Shop Pro opens. - When I right click on a folder, the list is now headed with "Browse using Paint Shop Pro". Paint Shop Pro also...
  4. P

    Lenovo laptop keep typing the number 2 all the time with whatever word I am trying to type, plus it also types kkkk or mmmm an

    Need help fixing error problems and programming problems. Error fix at the beginning of start-up won't work. Laptop not old laptop has not had any liquids dropped into the keyboard no crumbs. It seems to happen after I play YoWorld a lot. Seems odd that this would happen. When typing computer...
  5. C

    should i delete??or?

    every time i restart my windows, there is a pop up from regsvr32 tell me there is a issue with a certain .dll from a appdata local uprmedia.ThemeMainEnum.dll. I have no idea what this uprmedia thing is, but when i search it on the registry keys it shows up next to other app dll's like normal...
  6. Chugalug_

    Help removing viruses. High usage.

    Hi, Recently i've been getting very high CPU usage and memory usage on my Dell Inspiron 13 in the 80% range slowing down my PC horribly. This causes video streams to lag and stutter, and applications to run slowly. The applications that take up this load consist of core system, anti-virus...
  7. V

    BSoD registry error when computer is idle

    About 2 months ago I got a new laptop for gaming (Lenovo Y50-70 Touch) and hadn't had any problems with it until about a week ago when I got Borderlands: The Pre Sequel on Steam. The game installed incorrectly twice so I wanted to make sure there wasn't something wrong on my end and launched...
  8. S

    Google Chrome won't download files - "Anti-virus scan failed"

    So yeah, the case is that Chrome fails on every and any single file that I try to download. I found some turorial on how to update the registry in Windows (I run 8.1) in order to make the virus scan work after a download is completed. This did not work. I already tried to run CCleaner to fix...
  9. S

    I have purchased pcperformer, given the fact that it has detected registry error

    I have purchased pcperformer vide your order # 66311686, and yet detected registry errors haven't been fixed, why? if this isn't fixed asap, I will have to recall my payment and delete this app off my system
  10. G

    Via 4in1

    I recently got a EPOX 8KHA+ mobo, and installed Windows XP. After I installed it, I installed the VIA 4in1 drivers 4.33A that came with on a cdrom. After, I installed it I got an Query Registry Error. Contact Manufacturer. I am not sure how to fix it, I installed the newest 4.35 version. I...