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    reset my switch alfa without a disk

    bought a new never opened SA5-271-356H,told me right off it needed repairs i followed internet suggestions that left me with boot from disk.the error was coded something about a 32bit.this tablet dose not have a disk drive so what can i do
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    Dos mode

    Hello, hi how do i get This program cannot be run in DOS mode off my macbook
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    Compaq labtop stuck entering dos mode

    I accidently entered my labtop in dos mode, how do i undo this? please someone help. thanks
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    Vaio notebook stuck entering dos mode

    Hello, I have recently rediscovered my old Sony Vaio Notebook (PCG-505E) Running Windows 98. I have cleaned it up, defragged it and got it running pretty well however I just tried to boot it in DOS mode and it is now stuck, very stuck! I got the following messages: Windows 98 is now starting...
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    scan virus in NTFS

    i want to scan virus under NTFS using MCAFEE at DOS Mode. please help me!