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  1. J

    eos for win 18

    Have an old Canon ds 6041 dsl rebel but everything is about win7 are there any updated eos programs that will work
  2. M

    Will streaming TV services work with slow DSL?

    Our DSL is relatively slow. Will it work with streaming services like YouTube TV? Is there a minimum speed we need to have?
  3. M

    Optimum promotional offers vs. my current very-slow DSL

    I get mailed offers from Optimum such as 10mbps internet, free TV, free router, and no annual contract for 24.95 plus $5 rental of router each month, for total of $30 per month. I am nervous about wireless, and also don't need TV. I currently use a DSL company (totalling approx. $28 per month...
  4. kep55

    Streaming with Amazon, Roku, Chromecast and a DSL line

    The local phone company & Time Wonder decided to stop laying fiber about two miles from our house. It stops at a dead-end air park, There is no cable access, only Dish / DirecTV. We have DSL (3mbs d/l, 780 kbs u/l). Is this adequated for use with one of the streaming boxes like Amazon...
  5. M

    how to use max interent speed dsl

    my connnection is 2 mbps how to get full speed
  6. C

    Linksys wireless access point setup

    How do I hookup my wireless router to our DSL?
  7. J

    App to keep dsl from timing out

    Hello, CAn you tell me if there is a app that will prevent my dsl from timing out . It takes about 30 to 45 sec to reconnect .
  8. R


    Can I just use the single filter without the dsl/hpna filter as I have my telephone line only connected to the wall jack. I am only interested in connecting one device, my laptop computer with ethernet cable.
  9. P

    What to use? or not possible?

    Hello, Currently I have an antenna receiving my OTA local HD channels, no cable service, and DSL for my internet service. I am wanting to switch from DSL to a cable ISP. My problem is that I only have one RG6 run to each room. I would like to know if it would be possible to use a diplexer or a...
  10. C

    Is Zoombli worth loading?

    I bought Zoombil 2 years ago and put it on my last pc but after lighting hit my dsl cable and fried that pc I forgot to reload it on my new one. I'm not sure it helped so I'm not sure about loading it on my new one. Any suggestions?
  11. C

    AT&T to Impose DSL, U-Verse Usage Caps

    Days of limitless usage becoming a thing of the past come May 2nd. AT&T to Impose DSL, U-Verse Usage Caps : Read more
  12. exfileme

    100 Mbps Could Finally Be Possible on DSL Lines

    Ikanos' NodeScale Vectoring can allow up to 100 Mbps on a DSL line. 100 Mbps Could Finally Be Possible on DSL Lines : Read more
  13. I

    Net Lock !

    I want my dsl connection to be lock for whole nite because my cousin using it in the wrong way and watch X rated site that causes spyware and adwares... is there any software that block DSL or internet connection but doesnt show it ????
  14. exfileme

    9-year-old IT Wiz Says PC Games a Waste of Time

    The 9-year-old prodigy doesn't play PC games, and claims he can cram HDTV across a DSL line without glitches. 9-year-old IT Wiz Says PC Games a Waste of Time : Read more
  15. G

    Comcast's Blazing Fast Internet Is Half The Speed Of DSL

    Chicago (IL) - Comcast has begun to quietly, but very aggressively pitch an "economy tier" Internet service to its customers - a service that is generally "not recommended", but squarely aimed at dial-up users and perhaps one or the other DSL Internet... Comcast's Blazing Fast Internet Is Half...
  16. G

    AT&T Increases DSL Prices

    It looks like that the "fastest Internet for the price" is going to get a bit more expensive. Cnet reports that AT&T will make certain plans more expensive. If you are using AT&T for your phone, the 1.5 Mb/s service will increase from $20 to $25 and th AT&T Increases DSL Prices : Read more