Streaming with Amazon, Roku, Chromecast and a DSL line


Dec 31, 2007
The local phone company & Time Wonder decided to stop laying fiber about two miles from our house. It stops at a dead-end air park, There is no cable access, only Dish / DirecTV. We have DSL (3mbs d/l, 780 kbs u/l). Is this adequated for use with one of the streaming boxes like Amazon, Chromecast, Roku, etc? Our Sony BRDP is a "smart" box and it seems to have no problems but I haven't used it that much. My daughter swears by the Amazon box.
If the smart functions on your BD player work then so will the streaming boxes. Netflix is the same either way. If you don't have Netflix set up a 30 day trial on your Sony and see how it works. SD video requires less bandwidth so that would work better than HD programming.