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    Should I use z370-h onboard audio 'SupremeFX' or External sound card Asus Xonar u7 Mk2 With DT770

    So I have Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 ohm version and I use an external sound card ASUS Xonar U7 MkII. However, I purchased new motherboard Asus z370-h Gaming which also has quite a good onboard audio. For comparison, The External sound card has SNR 114dB and supports 32-150 Ohm headphones and...
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    DT 770's for gaming

    I am currently deciding between the K550 and the DT 770's. They'd mainly come for CS:GO atm. I have heard the k550's are great for csgo, but have very little bass whereas some say dt 770's are good and some say they are bad for csgo, but have great bass. I used to have cloud 2's, but their bass...
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    Looking for headphones exclusively for home and computer use ($100-200)

    I'd like to get a decent pair of cans that I will only be using at home, and probably only on my PC. I have no amp/dac, nor a dedicated sound card at the moment. I've been comparing various Beyerdynamic DT series, and realised that some people seem to favour the dt770 over the others because...